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KidsSwim-Accessories-TopAs a parent, you want to keep your child safe. When children go out into the sun it's important to keep them well covered with sun protection clothing, but it's equally important to protect their heads and eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Wearing a good sun hat and effective sunglasses, together with a high-quality sunscreen is the only way.

At Ocean Paradise, we stock a super range of hats and sunglasses that youngsters will just love to wear – you won't have to remind them to put them on, they'll insist!

And how better to carry a youngster's valuable treasures, or energy-giving snacks, than in a lunch bag or backpack from our great selection in store.

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Wallaroo Hat

When you choose a Wallaroo hat for those you love, you are giving them the best sun protection that you can. Full UPF50+ fabric, in a range of designs and colours for stylish good looks. Some of the hats are washable and crushable – perfect for everyday wear.

Sizes 3 months – 10 years

Wallaroo Hat for Daddy & Me Cotton Sun Hat from Wallaroo for Young Children Bright and Fun Sun Hats for Young Kids from Wallaroo Hats

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Frankie Ray

Kids of all ages will look cool in a pair of sunglasses by Frankie Ray of Australia. And they may not realise it, but they will be wearing the best protection their eyes can get: lenses are made from shatter-proof, impact-resistant polycarbonate, with 100% ultraviolet protection (Category 3) in compliance with Australian Standards. Without doubt the most effective sun protection you can get for your child's eyes.

For kids between 3 and 13 years of age

Frankie Ray Sista - Sunglasses for Girls. Available in Available in Black and Pink colors. Frankie Ray Hutch - Sunglasses for Boys. Available in Blue color. Frankie Ray Rex - Sunglasses for Boys. Available in Black color.

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