Be Sun Savvy with Cabana Life!

c6svej0ukaaeocmosjv5vpza7zmspy4aq6srgonzvn4Do you know that an average t-shirt is only equivalent to SPF 5? In fact, it is not sufficient to protect you or your family’s skin from the sun’s powerful UV rays. It is recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation to wear sun protective clothing of at least UPF 30 or higher. For extra precaution, apply sunscreen regularly, put on UV-blocking sunglasses and wear at least 3 inches of wide brim hat to drastically reduce the chances of a sunburn and hence future skin cancer risks.

You and your family can be sun-savvy by using some pieces of Cabana Life clothing as they are all UPF50+ and comes in many basic and seasonal shapes and colours. [....]

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New Travel Happens Wet Bags by Itzy Ritzy

MorocconNights2When heading out for a swim, having a bag is essential to store our items such as shampoo, sunscreen and even clothes to change. However, placing our wet swimsuits after a swim might be a hassle especially if stored in plastic carriers which may leak or the chlorine smell that will fill up the entire bag.

Let your swimming plans be a pleasant journey with Itzy Ritzy wet bags that helps to separate wet items and keep your dry items dry. These machine washable wet bags are made of 100% cotton designer fabrics on the outside and the lining is eco-friendly as it is made of BPA-free and PVC-free. The sealed seams and lead-free zipper closure prevent leaking and keep any smells and contents inside.  [....]

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Hula Star: Cute Summer Swimwear for Children

HUSxSummer1 Hula Star swimwear is known for its fun colours, ruffles, bows and bright florals for youthful little girls. The American-based children’s swimwear has been featured in several international magazines such as Baby Couture, Vogue Bambini and Hudsons.

< Blue White Nautical Two-piece Bikini Swimsuit

Every collection consists of various swimwear styles – bikini, tankini sets and one-piece swimsuits with sizes that range from toddler (2 – 4) to junior girls (4 – 6). Now, your little ones too are able to join in the fun and have an active time with you by the beach or in the pool. [....]

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New Kate Mack Swimwear for Little Princesses

KAM Garden StripeKate Mack’s summer capsule has finally made her way to our store with a range of new styles of swimwear, cover ups and dresses. As children's swimwear, it is known for their iconic timeless elegance and whimsical look specially designed for little princesses by Kate Mack's head designer and owner, Bernadette Reiss.

Kate Mack had won numerous renowned fashion awards around the world and were also featured in leading publications such as Vogue Bambini, Teen Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. [....]

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Summer 2014: A Vibrant Swimsuit Collection from Trina Turk

plumasonepieceTrina Turk, an American-based designer, once again brings together a fun and vibrant collection of swimwear for ladies. She incorporates her signature bold and dynamic graphic prints and takes you on an exciting journey influenced by different cultures and celebrations this summer. [....]

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