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While a little exposure to sunlight is enjoyable, too much can be very dangerous.

Effective sunscreens are an important part of a sun-protection plan. A high SPF sunscreen should be applied regularly to all exposed areas of your body - the frequency depends very much on season, time, and activity. It is important to choose the right type of sunscreen that suits your skin and your lifestyle.

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Ocean Paradise is a dedicated advocate of sun protection, and we sell the Cancer Council of Australia range of high quality, affordable, SPF30+ sunscreens. These sunscreens have been specially developed to help reduce the harmful effects of the sun and the risk of skin cancer.

All royalties received from the sale of Cancer Council of Australia sun protection products are used to fund research, patient support services and sun-safe education.

Everyday sunscreen - A light, non-oily, moisturising sunscreen cream that rubs on easily and suitable for all the family, everyday

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