Sun Protection for Juniors with Cabana Life

Cabana Life BoyAs a parent or a child caretaker you are aware of how much time kids can spend outside.  Whether it be at the beach building sand castles and collecting sea shells or if it is in your backyard running through a sprinkler, they are always outside. Many parents and caretakers appreciate the warm weather outside but do not concetrate on the detrimental factors that may occur from extended sun exposure.In order to ensure the children are kept safe and secure, implementing a proper sun protection regime can prove to be exponentially beneficial. 

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases that can be derived from constant and intense sun exposure.  In Singapore alone, skin cancer is on a drastic increase. Compared to every other type of cancer in Singapore, skin cancer was rated as the 10th ten years ago.  Now skin cancer has grown to the 5th most common type of cancer as of present day. Caba Life BoyThe main reasons as to why this particular type of cancer has become more prevalent is because of lifestyle changes and changes in overall leisure activities.  Understanding how to prevent your family members from acquiring such a life threatening disease is the first step to prevention and the second step is to find trustworthy products for your needs.

Cabana Life launches a new collection of sun protection swimsuits at Ocean Paradise this month for kids who face constant sun exposure.  With UPF50+ you will be able to rest assured that your children’s skin will be protected from the time that you go outside to the time that you return for dinner.  With a copious amount of fun colours, your children will be excited to put on their skin protectants as they will essentially feel like they are playing dress up.  Also, they prove to be exponentially beneficial for those who are fashion-forward.  With a plethora of different coordinated sets that use a revolutionary rash guard technology, there are sets that will undoubtably impress every individual of your family.

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