Swim Goggles for Toddlers

img kids gogglesWhen a child is ready to go in the swimming pool or start swimming lessons, swim goggles are important to help make the experience a more pleasant one for the young child. They protect the eyes from chlorine used in pools and occasional infectious diseases that are not cleared out by the chlorine in the pool water. Most goggles come with UV eye protection and anti-fog treatment. They also make it easier for the young child who does not like getting splashed in the face, or is afraid of putting their head underwater.

So choose a pair of swim goggles in a colour and design that suits the suits the shape and size of the child’s face. There are techniques to help you select the right one that will not leak when the child is in the water.

Here are some of the swim goggles available in Ocean Paradise that are popular for the 2 to 5 years old

Swans SJ-5B Swim Goggles in 2 colours

img swa sj-5b

The strap is made from Elastomer polyseal gasket with easy adjustable hook style strap, making it convenient for a child to wear and adjust. It also comes with a replaceable nose bridges in various sizes (S,M, L) for easy adjustment depending on child’s shape of nose and cheek.

Available in Skyblue/White, Blue/Yellow | Anti-fog | 100% UV Protective | Retails at S$21.00

 TYR Victor Goggles in 4 colours

img tyr victor

Fit for small face frame. Strap is split yolk style, made up of Silicon material which is more comfortable for a child.Available in Pink, White, Smoke, Navy | Anti-fog | 100% UV Protective | Retails at S$15.90

 View V421J in 4 colours

img vie v21j

These goggles are designed for kids aged 2 to 5 years old with a small face frame. With a soft suction skirting around the eye area it is also comfortable for the child.

The design in the shape of a fish is a fun design for most children.

Available in Pink, Orange/Pink, Skyblue, Yellow/Skyblue | Retails at S$28.30

Zoggs Little Comet in 2 colours

img zog ltlle comet

Cute prints on the goggles for the child who likes fancy goggles. It has a Vilux frame offering durable seal. It also has a silicon strap for strength, comfort and durability, and with a quick adjust strap mechanism, it eases the use for a child.

Available in Pink, Blue | Retails at S$29.95

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