• Five Steps to Protect Yourself Against The Sun
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Five Steps to Protect Yourself Against The Sun

Five Steps to Protect Yourself Against The Sun

It is fun being out in the sun be it in the pool or the beach but without any necessary protection, one may encounter sunburn, drying of skin or even tanning caused by the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun. In worst-case scenario, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer regardless of age. 

However, how do you prevent these harmful radiations come in contact with our skin? It is important to be sun smart when going outdoors as ultraviolet rays is constantly present. There are several ways that you can protect yourself against the sun and the following are five simple steps you can take to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from damages of the sun’s rays. These five steps are in line with the recommendations of Cancer Council Australia.

1. Slip On Sun Protective Clothes
Wear UPF rated clothing especially when out in the pool or beach, as you will definitely be exposed to the sun as compared to being in the shade. When buying swimwear for yourself or your kids, look out for UPF seal approved rated tags.

Apply sunscreen even on a daily basis as harmful ultraviolet rays especially UVA is commonly expose to human. When playing and having fun outdoors such as tennis and swimming, it is recommended to get those that are water resistant so that it will not wear off easily when sweating. Take note of the time when applying sunscreen and reapply when the effect wears off as stated on the sunscreen bottle. Similarly for water-resistant sunscreens, especially after toweling dry. To know more about how to read sunscreen label, click here. 

3. Slap On Sun Protected Hat
Sometimes people do forget that our scalp is also part of our skin and it is important to cover up our head when out in the sun. It is advisable to put on a hat and even better, get one which is UPF rated.

4. Seek The Shade
It is important to take note of the time when out in the sun, as you are most vulnerable to the ultraviolet rays between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. As much as possible, avoid being out in the sun for too long during those timing and always seek the shade. Do plan your visit especially when out to the beach and pool.

5. Slide On Some Shades
Lastly, slide on a pair of sunglasses that are UV protected to prevent ultraviolet rays to come in contact with the eyes, which may damage the eyes that may even lead to cataracts. 

From the above steps, you too can be sun smart and protect yourself and the kids against the sun, as it is always easier to prevent than to cure. Now, before having fun out in the sun, remember to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide!

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