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Helping Children from Sri Lanka to Swim

Helping Children from Sri Lanka to Swim

Give Sri Lankan Children the Gift of Swimming

Ocean Paradise is proactive in helping those in need and value the opportunity to give back to society.
During swim events, a part of the day's sales will be donated to Swim for Safety, a charity from CandleAid, to fund a programme to teach the underprivileged children in Sri Lanka to swim

Why Swim For Safety? 

The Tsunami in 2004 has tragically brought to light that many lives were lost because of a fear of water and with over 90% of the population in Sri Lanka is unable to swim due to the unavailability of pool facilities for children and the general public. As a response, CandleAid has designed its “Swim For Safety” programme to teach the underprivileged children to swim in Sri Lanka.


• To provide children with essential water safety skills so that they can properly react in case of a water danger
• To offer an opportunity for Sri Lankan children to learn to swim
• To encourage Sri Lankan parents and children to explore the economic and social opportunities available and minimising phobia through water-based activities
• To encourage undertaking swimming as a sport by enabling opportunities for the poorer segments of the population access to swimming pools and related facilities
• To minimise the risk of incidence of drowning in times of water based disasters

*All pictures credits to Swim for Safety, CandleAid

Please help us support the kids in Sri Lanka!

Read more about Swim for Safety here
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