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How to Care For Your Swimsuit?

How to Care For Your Swimsuit?
Shopping for a new swimsuit seems exciting and satisfying after searching for the perfect one but how does one care of it so it will last longer? It is important to take care of the swimsuits properly right from the very start. 

Before Wearing

1. SOAK new swimsuit for 30 minutes in a mixture of water and white vinegar (1 tbsp per 1 quart water) to prevent fading or bleeding and keep colour vibrant longer.

2. SHOWER before putting on a swimsuit as it helps to eliminate substances that cause deterioration such as dirt, perspiration and body lotion.

3. RINSE swimsuit before swimming, as it will reduce the amount of chlorine it absorbs.

4. ALTERNATE swimsuits if you swim frequently as it needs 24 hours before the swimsuit fabric can return to it original shape. If one suit is lighter coloured, it will fade less during a long day under the bright sun than a dark coloured suit.

5. READ the manufacturer’s instructions labeled inside the swimsuit as it may require special care.

During Wearing

1. WATCH the surface where you sit. Lay down a towel to protect especially sitting on harsh surfaces whereby it will cause picking or fraying.

2. PREVENT the swimsuit from getting stains by harsh chemicals such as sun tanning/bronzing lotion, oils and extreme heat as it will naturally put wear on any swimsuit and can turn it yellow. This is not a manufacturing defect. If stains occur, quickly use a vinegar or swimsuit cleaners to get rid as soon as possible.

3. AVOID hot tubs as it will breakdown lycra or spandex content of the swimsuits. Use an inexpensive swimsuit that you would not mind getting damage.

After Wearing

1. WASH newer swimsuit by themselves until all excess dye washes out – bleeding of the dye is normal and will stop after a few washes. Hand wash with mild soap, do not wash in the washing machine. If you insist, put in a mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Wash with cold water as hot water can breakdown lycra or spandex content.

2. RINSE your swimwear immediately after every use and don’t let it soaked after swimming in salt or chlorinated water. Do not wring a swimsuit as it will damage the delicate fibers and causes to lose its shape.

3. DRY
a) Lay flat between two dry towels, roll the towels up and gently press the towels so they absorb the excess water. It should not be left too long as mildew may occur. This applies to storage in plastic bags as mildew grow very quickly in dark, wet environments.
b) Bathing suits should not be hung to dry, since water collecting at the bottom can stretch the fabric. Do not dry under direct sunlight to prevent fading. Alternatively, suits can be placed flat in ventilated area
c) Electric and basket dryers should not be used as the heat is particularly damaging to elastic fabrics
d) Do not dry clean, iron and bleach as it will cause discoloration and damage. If wrinkling occurs, simply dampen the suit slightly and they should fall out.

4. STORE the suit flat on a shelf, in a lined box or even in a shoe box. It helps to preserve the shape of the suit.