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5 Reasons Why you Need a Microfibre Towel

5 Reasons Why you Need a Microfibre Towel

Swimmers, along with your swimsuit and your top pair of swim goggles the swim towel is one of the essential items you need to conquer the water.

Its function is dramatically simple-- to assist you in drying off and staying warm between and after your swim laps, which is important for keeping your muscles warm and loose. Yet simple in function, towels can be problematic.

Most traditional cotton towels take hours to dry off, which isn’t ideal when most of us are getting in and out of the water multiple times per swim session as it also makes your swimming bag heavier and takes longer to dry.

That is why swimmers could use a Microfibre towel instead for their swim towel.

What is a Microfibre towel?

Microfibre towels are synthetic fibres consisting polyester and polyamide.
Generally finer than the diameter of a silk thread and extremely fine when compared to a strand of cotton, yet their finely woven construction allows them to absorb a surprising amount of moisture! They are soft, absorbent and durable.

Now that you know what a Microfibre towel is, here are the 5 main reasons why you need one:

5 Reasons Why You Need a Microfibre Towel

  1. Compact

Have you ever rummaged inside your swimmer's bag? It's probably crammed to the hilt with your swimming gears, extra change of clothing along with your large cotton towel that continues to take up a lot of room in a bag when there wasn't enough to begin with!

Microfibre towels are generally 1/4 of the size of a regular towel thus, can be packed more compactly which makes more space for other swimming gear or snacks. 

  1. Lightweight

With its compact size, Microfibre towels are also 1/3 the weight of regular towels especially when you compare it with the weight of a cotton towel that’s full of water.

This makes it easier on your shoulders when carrying your swim gear and accessories to and from the swimming pool or beach. 

  1. Ultra-absorbent
As mentioned earlier, Microfibre towels are constructed of many tiny, thin and because of their size and quantity, The fibres absorb water and moisture far more easily than traditional towels and so they are extremely absorbent despite being so much smaller. 
  1. Quick drying
Through quick release of water absorbed, it also allows for an accelerated drying process after a race or exercise, and the fast release of water ensures that the Microfibre towel is dry and ready to use the next time you need it. 
  1. Anti-Odour

Because of their quick-drying feature, Microfibre towels are far more sanitary than traditional towels since they do not absorb and retain moisture for lengthy periods of time.

Remember, bacteria and mold thrive in wet towels that are left in a bag or piled on a pool deck, resulting in unpleasant odour and less than ideal sanitary conditions of the towel.

So, whether it’s for gym, swim or spinning classes, microfibre towels are highly recommend. Consider taking them on short travel holidays as a backup for your hotel towel, use them to wrap your hair after the wash and many other convenient ways to use them. 


Ocean Paradise stocks a range of quality microfibre towels from the Japanese brand, Swans. Take a look at their compact range which comes in various colours and 2 sizes. 

Size M is handy and can be for a quick-dry during a swimming session or maybe cycling activities. And L is more generous and can wrap around your torso post- swimming practises as below:

Size M: H40cm x W80cm
Size L: H60cm x W120cm

Swans Size M Microfibre Towel in Pink

Swans Violet Microfibre Towel in Size M

Swans Microfiber Towel M SA-26- Pink (PIN 003) Swans Microfiber Towel M SA-26- Violet (VIO 026)

L Size Microfibre Towel in Dark Blue from Swans

Mint Microfibre Towel in Size L from Swans

Swans Microfiber Towel L SA-28- Dark Blue (DBL 154) Swans Microfiber Towel L SA-28- Mint (MINT 374)

 You can also visit any of our 3 stores to see these towels up close:

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