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A New Collection of UV50+ Platypus Swimsuits for Kids in Singapore

A New Collection of UV50+ Platypus Swimsuits for Kids in Singapore

Kids in Singapore love swimming! And with the UV index in Singapore at double digits all year round, it makes sense for parents to use sun protective swimsuits that are properly certified to be UPF50+.

Platypus swimsuits are high quality, fashionable UV protective swimwear for both boys and girls and are certified to block out 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation by the Australian Radiation Protection Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the British Standard for UV.

Designed to mix-and-match, Platypus swimsuits are for kids that are active and who like to be comfortable and stylish, yet properly protected from the sun. These swimsuits are made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ so they have amazing shape-retention, maximum breathability and most importantly, are ultra chlorine-resistant.

The new collection of Platypus kids swimsuits which has just landed in Singapore are just bursting with cuteness.


Girls Swimsuit Collection

The Vintage Florals swimsuit collection for young girls 0 to 8 years old is a pastel pink and vintage English porcelain blue combination. It is available in pretty styles such as frilled long-sleeve raysuit, rash top and boyleg shorts or leggings combinations.

Short-Sleeved RashGuard with Frill, Ruched Long-Sleeved RashGuard, Boyleg Pants,  Leggings, Tankini with Frilled Skirt


 The Beach Scene story is a combination of navy polka dots and beach scene motifs in traditional swimsuit styles as well as fresher styles from the athleisure fashion trend in cropped tops and leggings. The Beach Scene swimsuit styles are available for girls 4 to 14 year old.

Girl’s Short-Sleeved RashGuard, Long-Sleeved Jacket, Long-Sleeved RashGuard with Side Ruching, Lycra Boardie, Bike Shorts


Boys Swimsuit Collection

Boys 0 to 8 years of age get the Crab Crawl swimwear collection which is a bright and happy combination of blue, orange and grey and a sure hit under the sunny skies of Singapore.

Short-Sleeved Rash Top, Long-Sleeve Rash Top, Boyleg Shorts, Legionnaire Cap, Diaper Bottom for Baby


 And the bigger boys from 8 to 14 will be happy in the simple but cool Surf Abstracts collection.

Short-Sleeved RashGuard, Long-Sleeved RashGuard,  ¾ Bike Shorts, Slim Boardshorts


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