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How to Clean and Care for Your Sunglasses

How to Clean and Care for Your Sunglasses

Why we should clean our Sunglasses

As we generally wear our sunglasses during sunny days, or simply outdoors - we are most likely going to be sweating and producing oils from our skin and hair which will transfer to the lenses and frames. Other contributing elements that cause accumulation of gunk on our sunglasses are make-up, sunscreen, and dead skin cells that slough off the face and body and land on the sunglasses.

If we do not wash our sunglasses, these elements will accumulate and not only feel unpleasant but cause the early wear and tear of the sunglasses. If you have sensitive skin, this may also cause irritation to your skin from the accumulated substances on the sunglasses.

So how can we clean them?

Let’s take a look at some of the dos and don'ts to cleaning and caring for your sunglasses.


  • Spit or breathe onto the lens and wipe it with the edge of your shirt. This is unhygienic and ineffective in cleaning your glasses. Using your shirt or any 100% cotton material may cause micro scratches as they are filled with dust which contains abrasive particles
  • Rub your fingers on the lenses. You are likely to smear dirt and oil from your skin onto the lenses, making them foggy instead
  • Use strong chemicals such as bleach, vinegar, or window cleaner on your sunglasses. These chemicals are too strong and will strip the coating off your lenses
  • Wipe with a paper towel or tissue. Despite seemingly a soft product, they can potentially cause micro scratches on the lenses as it contains wood fibres


    • Wash your hands to remove grease from your fingers before handling the lenses
    •  Use warm running water and mild liquid soap to rinse clean
      • Remember to clean the frame, arms, nose pads, hinges, and screws of the sunglasses as well as the lenses.
    • Use isopropyl alcohol to clean particularly greasy lenses
    • Dry them with an air blower or a compressed gas duster
    • Wipe with a lint-free cloth as provided when you purchase eyewear. It is a special type of cleaning cloth that is non-abrasive and does not give up any fluff when used. They are commonly used to wipe phone and computer screens as well
    • Ensure that it is fully dry before storing them back in the case. The case could be either the original package or a hard shell to protect it from external friction and bumps when you carry it around in your bag
    • Make this a habit to clean after every use. It only takes a few minutes each time to extend the lifespan of your sunglasses


        Follow these tips to get maximum pleasure and wear out of your favourite sunglasses! Look after them and they will look after you.


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