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How to Repair Your Inflatable Pool Floats?

How to Repair Your Inflatable Pool Floats?

Pool floats and inflatables add a whole lot of fun to our pool times. But there is nothing more deflating than finding a hole in your favourite float and looking at its shriveled shape when you were just about to head out to the pool with it!

Many inflatables are made of PVC or vinyl, making them lightweight and easy to carry around. This also makes them prone to holes and tears. Instead of going through several sets of the same inflatables each season, it is possible to repair such holes yourself if the damage is not too extensive. Here is how it is done. 

1. Identify the Hole

Fully inflate the pool float and submerge it. You should see bubbles coming out of the hole where the hole is located. Alternatively, smear some soft soap and water on the float and you may find a big bubble forming, indicating air escaping from inside right at that spot.

2. Mark the Hole

Quickly dry the spot and tape some duct tape or mark it so that you will be able to identify the location that needs work later.

3. Allow to Dry

Let the float completely air dry, or use some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. Make sure the area is dry and free of dust or dirt.

4. Apply the Repair Kit 

Some inflatables have repair kits in their packaging. For those that do not, you may select between weatherproof duct tape or waterproof sealants that are suitable for your inflatable material.

Remove enough air from the inflatable so the repair area lies flat. Cut a repair patch or duct tape to approximately 2cm larger than the hole all around. This gives the patch some surface area to grip onto.  
Ensuring that the float is flat and free of wrinkles, work from one side of the hole to the other, ensuring there are no wrinkles where air can escape from under the repair patch. Press the patch firmly over the hole or puncture for a minute or so.

5. Let Dry

Let the patch dry for 20 - 30 minutes, or as indicated on the instructions before inflating them again.


Try these five simple steps on the next float puncture and it may save you from buying a new one again. 


Inflatable Patch - can be cut to size

PS. The Sunnylife floats all come with vinyl plastic repair kits in their boxes. Keep them for the inevitable and you will be pleased that you did! 




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