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Keeping Boredom at Bay with Funkita and Funky Trunks Swimwear

Keeping Boredom at Bay with Funkita and Funky Trunks Swimwear

(Above) Trunks for boys from size 8 to 14 in TIP TOP print. Comes in training jammers too. Trunks is only available in Tanglin Mall only.

Swimsuits that are colourful, comfortable, chlorine-resistant and high-performance. That’s FUNKITA and FUNKY TRUNKS.

Also known as Australia's boring-resistant and chlorine-resistant swimwear, you will be convinced of their form and function performance once you put them through the paces.

So if you’re a competitive swimmer, or a fitness swimmer, take a look at their new LUMA NATION collection which brings you the next installment in our craving for poolside colour sensation! They have gone absolutely wild with their imagination, making sure your poolside time is never boring again. These are the swimsuits that will make you actually WANT to work out. Try them!

Sizes for girls swimsuits, boys trunks and jammers start at size 4 for children and go up to teenager and young adults.


Funkita for Girls and Ladies

Olympic silver medallist Blaire Evans brings some mosaic magic to pool deck in her brand new Luma Nation funkitas. 

Racerback swimsuit in CRYSTAL CLASH print for those who prefer two-piece swimsuit. Only available in Tanglin Mall.

Single strap one-piece swimsuits in MAZE BALLS prints available in size 8 to 14 for girls and 8 to 14 for ladies.
*Ladies sizes only available in Tanglin Mall.
Funky Trunks for Boys and Men
Training jammers for boys from waist size 24 to 36. Available in both stores.

Trunks for boys from size 8 to 14. The PEAK PERFORMANCE print was designed in conjunction with researchers at Harvard. This print uses the same shaped points that are present on a pineapple's rough skin to help flotation, and protect the wearer from ocean predators.
Available in Tanglin Mall only.

(Styles not available in our stores)

Funky Trunks 50m fly champs Elvis Burrows (left) and Albert Subirats (right) couldn't keep the smiles from their faces after smashing it out at the Bahamas Nationals, placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Well done guys! 


Funky Silicone Swim Caps that help you keep your sense of humour whilst swimming laps!

The new collection is featured in Swim Style issue 15, a publication by Funkita and Funky Trunks. In this issue, Swim Style features the journies of the F-Teamers training for Rio Olympics. Read more about Rio Special issue here.


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