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Miraclesuit Slimming Swimwear Receives New Summer Styles

Miraclesuit Slimming Swimwear Receives New Summer Styles

Make a splash this summer with the chic new range of slimming swimwear from Miraclesuit

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, right? Not quite. While “10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds” may seem like an unrealistic proposition, the stylish figure-sculpting swimwear from Miraclesuit are really just that – a miracle!

The Miraclesuit has continued to surge in popularity for its signature contour effects that aim to bring out the best in a woman’s natural figure by providing the shaping where it’s needed the most. Designed to fit your every curve while downplaying your less-loved parts, you’ll feel slimmer, toner and sassier than ever before with the swimwear from Miraclesuit.

Their innovative fabric that delivers three times as much the control as ordinary swimwear brands

The Miraclesuit heritage stays true to the fit, form and function that begins with their innovative fabric that delivers three times as much the control as ordinary swimwear brands and fashion houses. At the same time, however, the one-of-a-kind brand has prioritized comfort among its line of swimwear that doesn’t rely on inner linings or constrictive control panels to shape or trim. In addition to the unbeatable contouring effects, the other added benefit is that you don’t have to sacrifice style one bit. The in-house designs of Miraclesuit have become known for their fashion-forward swimwear styles that are characterized by their fine detailing, intricate patterning and bold graphics designed to make a splash.

This season, Miraclesuit is back and bigger than ever with a brand new range of fresh styles to make you to feel slim, confident and stylish – whether you find yourself on the sandy shores of a beach or lounging poolside. The new collection features a number of new prints that owe their inspiration to bold graphic styles, European patterning, engineered florals and new takes on animal skins, while at the same time, it stays true to current trends and evokes the perfect balance of sexy, sweet and chic.

...doesn’t rely on inner linings or constrictive control panels to shape or trim
Depending on your body type, the Miraclesuit certainly has a profuse amount of fit solutions that intend to minimize, elongate or slenderize. Through a sleek collection of swimdresses that fall nicely at the hips, you’re able the take away any unwanted attention from your thighs, whereas the controlling, yet breathable fabrics that makeup the wide range of one-pieces tame work to tame any tummy troubles you may encounter.

Some standouts from the new collection include the concealing one-piece Castaway Stripe Zephyr which creates the look of instant coastal cool while the higher scoop neckline and underwire team up to accentuate and keep the bust in place.

The shimmering maroon-hued diamond print of the Babylon Pin-Up is a sexy and stylish option, yet the innovative Miratex fabric skims curves all-around in order to minimize the waist, hide the hips and conceal the tummy.

Elsewhere, the Sanibel Blue Pointe is beautifully draped in dramatic shirring meant to contour the shape of the mid-section, while the chic sweetheart neckline effectively accentuates and elongates the figure.

In addition to bringing out the best of your natural figure, the sleek new range of summer swimsuits will have you looking on-trend and feeling comfortable – the true heritage of Miraclesuit. More than simply trying to mask your flaws, however, Miraclesuit strives to instill a sense of confidence – a worthwhile investment for any woman. In order to make a splash this summer, all you need to do is bring the sea!




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