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Snapper Rock Summer 2021 New Swimsuits for Boys and Girls

Snapper Rock Summer 2021 New Swimsuits for Boys and Girls

This summer, Snapper Rock is giving all boys and girls a sweet treat to their latest swimwear and rash guards collection! Let’s see what they are, shall we? 🍭🍬

Tropical Punch Collection

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Coral is in trend RIGHT NOW and these swimsuits and rash guards are executed amazingly with the colour! The design encapsulates the essence of the tropics and sweet, childlikeness with overlaying flower and various leaf prints. 🌸🌿 Apart from the style, it is UPF50+ and sustainable - the nylon comes from recycled fishing nets!

Tropical Punch comes with different forms of trims and silhouettes in the same print. Which is your favourite? (left to right)

If you are looking for long sleeved rash tops for better coverage and sun protection, we also have the Snapper Rock White Coral Cuff Long Sleeves Rash Top with a touch of coral on the cuffs. This creates a strawberry milk candy image that girls will love! 😋

Maritime Fliers Collection

On the opposite side of the colour wheel from coral-pink, is the complementary colour blue. For little lads, we have cute and colourful geometric shapes and maritime flags printed across the sun protective sunsuit and volley board shorts! 💙

As seen, the boys are wearing Snapper Rock Maritime Fliers Long Sleeves Rash Top and Volley Board Short.

What’s great about these pieces are that you can coordinate the top and bottom however you choose, and girls can pull these off too!  They are sold as a set and separately as well.

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