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SwimWays Pool Toys Festival and Promotion

SwimWays Pool Toys Festival and Promotion

Pool toys are a great way to ensure kids, their friends and families have a blast of a time together in and around the pool. They are great pool party essentials and a combination of them at a kids pool party almost guarantees a splashing great time for the group.

 At Ocean Paradise, we have categorized pool toys into 3 stages for kids learning how to swim. This allows mums to pick out pool toys that are suitable for the child’s swim skill levels easily.



Stage One

is where you introduce young children to the water and get them comfortable to spend time in the water. Small toys that do not move far away and can still engage their attention is most suitable for them at this stage.


Catch, count and learn with the SwimWays Pick Me Up Pelican pool toy! Squeeze the oversized trigger to open the pelican’s mouth and catch the floating fish.


Stage Two

is great for kids just getting familiar with swimming around and such pool toys gets them to splash about and move around on their own – with a flotation device, or on their own. These toys tend to be floating toys which can be chased, tossed or assembled on the surface of the water, so encouraging them to utilize their swimming skills at the same time.


The Zoom-A-Ray dive toy from SwimWays is a kid-powered underwater glider with amazing hydrodynamic action! Simply submerge Zoom-A-Ray under water and let it fly. The unique design allows the pool toy to glide swiftly through the water and shoot to the surface all on its own.


Stage Three

is where the child is already a fairly competent swimmer and is able to dip and dive into the water. Most pool toys at this stage move underwater and kids have a lot of fun chasing after them, or searching out combinations of the pool toys. These are excellent to have hours of fun with!


1. Swimways Tiki Totem Divers are stackable pool toys that kids can use to make their own dive sticks.
2. The Toypedo Original dive toy rockets through the pool with amazing hydrodynamic action, gliding underwater up to 9m! A favourite for both boys and girls.
3. Submergency is a unique underwater hide-and-seek dive game! Find and disarm Submergency before the time runs out and the LED lights flash.
4. SwimWays Squidivers are soft and flexible dive toy. Great for every day swimming fun, for practicing underwater dive and retrieve skills during swim training practice, and as a pool party activity.


Other popular pool devices from SwimWays are those for leisure and are suitable for kids and adults. There are various sizes of Spring Floats that pack up neatly and spring open easily for you to just enjoy a book or a drink whilst floating effortlessly in the water.



Pool or swim toys are great for swim skills development whilst having lots of fun!

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SwimWays Pool Toys Festival
13 April, Thursday – 26 April, Wednesday
At both Ocean Paradise stores

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