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High Performance Swimwear of Funky Trunks and Funkita

High Performance Swimwear of Funky Trunks and Funkita
With swim season well underway, Funky Trunks and Funkita has underway athletes of all ages covered with a new range of colourful performance styles.
For swimmers, your swimsuit is alongside your body for every lap, turn, start and jump. It’s there for every moment of exhilaration and every drop of sweat. It’s there for the 6AM start times and the podium finishes. Whether you’re a gold medal athlete or simply a young swimmer with Olympic-sized dreams, equipping yourself with the proper underwater gear is a must.
Funky Trunks and Funkita are the swimwear labels that are committed to providing underwater athletes with the right products that will endure the absolute hardest of sessions in the pool. Together the men’s line, Funky Trunks, and the women’s line, Funkita, are defining the reinvention of swimwear.

Built by swimmers, for swimmers 

Designed to meet the standards of professional swimmers, both labels aim to provide swimmers with as much comfort as possible. The durable and versatile styles keep you moving, even through the most challenging of workouts. They also aim to inject a sense of creativity, colour and life into every piece from their expansive line of swimwear and activewear (activewear available in 2019). Whether you find yourself underwater or lounging poolside, the bold and daring prints of the swimwear are meant to keep you inspired each and every time you put them on.
Built by swimmers, for swimmers, the brand is one of the world’s leading chlorine-resistant swimwear labels. The C-Infinity fabric provides superior comfort and durability for prolonged use in the pool and under the sun. The premium Italian fabric is exclusive to the label and has been produced specifically to ensure maximum compression, movement and breathability.
The innovative technology is the obvious choice for swimmers due to the excellent strength that allows it to retain its durability far beyond other fabrics on the market. This ensures that the designs won’t lose its shape or colour, even after endless hours in chlorinated water.

Whether you’re a triathlete, diver, surfer, lifeguard or simply a casual swimmer, Funky Trunks and Funkita have designed with you in mind. The unique range of styles for men, boys and toddlers offer a number of unique prints that were designed in-house, manufactured to an exceptional standard.

Designs won’t lose its shape or colour, even after endless hours in chlorinated water

Men & Boys' Range

The Classic Trunk is Funky Trunk’s original and most iconic swimsuit style. The trunks feature at 16.5 cm side for men, with 13 cm and 14 cm options available for boys, and a stitched front pouch for additional room and double lining for unparalleled support. The drawcord keeps the shorts fitting in place while the waist elastic and leg openings make for exceptional all-around comfort.

For those who are interested in a trusty pair of trunks that are ideal for regular sessions, the Training Jammer has you covered. Equipped with flatlock stitching, comfortable leg openings and a reliable drawcord, it’s easy to see why the Training Jammer has become the go-to choice among hardcore swimmers and triathletes.

Women & Girls' Range

When it comes to the ladies, Funkita offers a seemingly endless array of performance options for different sizes and body types.
The Diamond Back One-Piece is the classic all-purpose training option that features a circular back cut-out, double bind shoulder strap and modest rear coverage. This is an easy and versatile style that has you covered for everything from lap swimming to casual visits to the pool.

The Tie Me Tight One-Piece is characterized by its criss-cross backing that has the flexibility to tie it just the way you like. The cut sits high on your leg, making it the perfect option for those intense sessions in the pool but also comfortable enough to lounge around in.

The Single Strap One-Piece is defined by its strappy V-shaped back that allows for great freedom of movement. The single bind finish and open back is particularly flattering among sporty body shapes. This is the perfect option for long hours of training in the pool, while the designs are sure to turn some heads in the process.

The form-fitting Racerback Two-Piece offer an unparalleled minimalist style in the form of a blended crop top and sporty bottom. The underbust and waist elastic ensure a secure fit throughout the most intense of movement while the single shoulder bind strap finishes the look off.

Toddler Girls' Range

For the little ones, it doesn’t get much better than the Toddler Girl One-Piece. With complete back coverage and a racer strap finish, this simple style ensures comfort, flexibility and ease–the perfect introduction for underwater adventures.

 Accessories for All

Funky Trunks and Funkita also produces a number of kickboards, goggles, swim caps, mesh bags, backpacks and towels to complement the range of swimwear.



Make no mistake, the expansive range of swimwear options put forth by Funky Trunks and Funkita are high-performance products before all else. They’re made for elite underwater athletes to train and compete in. The emphasis was placed on performance, quality and comfort, but also the colorful designs that will not lose its shape ever after hours in chlorinated water or ocean water under the sun.
Both Funky Trunks and Funkita have managed to achieve swimwear options known for its comfortable and flattering styles. This brand is for active athletes of all ages who are uncompromising in their pursuit to live life to the fullest. They love to be different and take great pride in standing out and achieving the unthinkable. Above all else, they like to make a statement. With Funky Trunks and Funkita, you can be sure that the designs, which range from dizzying to neutral, are never boring.

If you’re looking for the perfect companion to tackle that next underwater journey, check out the latest offerings from Funky Trunks and Funkita here at Ocean Paradise.

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