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The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

From the classic one-piece to the bikini, choosing the right swimwear for a Singapore summer really is dependent on your body type.

Swimsuit shopping is a dreaded process that is sometimes filled with frustration and fear. Every woman is shaped differently and depending on your body type, certain cuts and features will suit you better than others. The key to finding the right swimsuit or bikini is looking for the right designs and details that will flatter your assets and downplay your less-loved parts. Well-fitting swimwear will ensure that the next time you find yourself at a beach or pool this summer, you can be confident, comfortable and look your absolute best.


Fuller at the hips and thighs, while your bust and waist slope out to the hips.

Many bottom-heavy women want to create the appearance of smaller hips and a more ample bosom. The key to nailing this poolside style lies in finding the right swimsuit that will effectively balance your proportions and get a little bit more coverage for your upper leg and draw attention to your upper. A plunging neckline or vertical stripes both not only add a bit of drama to your look, but they also draw the eyes upwards, whereas an eye-popping design or intricate detailing up top have the same subtle effect. At the same time, try to avoid thick-banded bottoms or boyshorts as it will only draw more attention to the features you’re trying to mask and instead opt for low-cut briefs or skirted bikini bottoms that fall just below the largest part of your upper leg.

The white panelling at the bustline draws attention upwards and horizontally, balancing out the width of the bottom. 

A plain bottom visually reduces the volume in the bottom

A printed tankini top that skims over your less-loved parts, worn over a solid bottom is a good way to create an illusion of balance. Those spaghetti straps also show off the pretty shoulders of the pear-shaped woman. 


Thin all-around, while the bust and hips are generally the same size and the waist is smaller.

Women with straight body types are often looking to create the illusion of more curves, which can actually be done quite easily with the right swimsuit. Bikinis with louder prints and bright colours can create the appearance of more volume, as do triangle tops and loud embellishments such as ruffles which also add a hint of feminine flair. Monokinis with waist cutouts are another great figure-flattering option that helps to accentuate your natural curves. A small chest requires less support and minimal coverage, giving you the freedom to play around with different styles, whereas high-cut bottoms give the illusion of more curves and accentuate your derriere in a flattering manner. If you want to give the illusion of a shapelier figure, it’s better to avoid straight-across bandeaus, shapeless one-pieces and boyshorts.

Cutout at both side create an hourglass illusion

Side mesh panels and crossover straps minimize the waistline and draw the attention to the top

Slimming contrast print band around the waist makes your waistline more stand out

Inverted Triangle

Larger bust or shoulders, narrow hips and a waist that isn’t well-defined.

If you’re busty and have ample cleavage, a well-supported top is an absolute key. It might be wise to ditch the string bikini and opt for suits with underwire or moulded cups to give the gals the support they need. In order to balance the top-heavy proportions, an ideal swimsuit option will minimise your bust while adding dimension to your waist and hips. A tall triangle bikini top will do the trick, provided it has sufficient underbust support, while halter tops with thick straps effectively break up the wide expanse of strong shoulders. Similarly, tie-side bottoms broaden the horizontal lines throughout your lower half, as the extra skin works in your favour to balance out the shoulder proportions.

Thick halter straps around the neck are effective in narrowing down your shoulders, as well as the A-line skirted bottom which will balance out the volume at the top well 

Tie side bottoms help to balance your shoulder proportions, your hair can do the trick too! 

If you have strong shoulders, a sports top like this may be a good choice. This style also matches with a tie-side bottom which adds volume to your narrower hips


The waist is larger than the bust and hips, hips are narrow in comparison to the shoulders.

If you carry more weight in your midsection, the key to finding the right swimsuit is finding one that will minimize the waist and shift the visual proportions around when it comes to the bust and hips, while still providing ample support and coverage. Asymmetrical necklines, ruffles, belts and patterns that mimic the lines of a curvy silhouette are a great bet. For one-pieces, trying something with shirring or ruching is a simple example. For two-pieces, a high-waisted bikini that extends above the belly button is not only an on-trend option but it covers up the lower part of the abdomen quite well. In placing the detail and focus on the top of your body, you highlight the flattering parts of your body, while also balancing your overall proportions.

This beautiful pattern on a dark suit shapes your body visually, making it look closer to an hourglass shape

The bold cream lines break up the torso and draw the eye into seeing an illusion of an X-shape instead of a rounded torso. The underbust which is usually the slimmest area of the apple-shaped gal is also emphasised 

This clever design beautifully creates the silhouette you are looking for with its deep-V neckline which slims the upper torso, and the cinched waist. So modern and chic too! 


Bust and hips are around the same size and the waist is well-defined.

Women with hourglass figures have the luxury of being able to wear most swimsuit styles, but depending on your exact proportions, some with fit better than others. A one-piece swimsuit (especially those with cut-out sides) tend to look particularly great on hourglass figures, while bikinis with louder prints enhance the appearance of curves. For taller frames, a high-waisted bottom with a bikini top is a classic retro-inspired that will really show off your assets and highlight your waist.

If you have it, flaunt it! The traditional bikini that will show off your curves and proportionate figure

For a slightly modest look, this retro number in classic black-and-white dots with a low-leg cutting will hug your curves and keep you looking chic

A curvy hourglass may want some extra control over her assets. This style will keep her looking alluringly sexy

Great style always begins with a great fit. At Ocean Paradise we not only recognize, but we celebrate the differences in our unique body types, which is why we take great pride in helping customers find the perfect style and fit.
Don’t hesitate to ask us for help!


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