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UWC Phoenix Ocean Paradise – A Swim Carnival for Little Dolphins

UWC Phoenix Ocean Paradise –  A Swim Carnival for Little Dolphins

UWC Phoenix Ocean Paradise Swim Carnival 2017
An Exciting Carnival for Little Dolphins

Date : 6th May 2017 I Saturday

Time : 8am -12pm

Location: UWCSEA, Dover




About the Swim Carnival

UWC Phoenix Ocean Paradise Swim Carnival is a fun and exciting event for kids to enjoy being in the pool and not just swimming but also having fun! The format allows them to do one or more 25m swims under a casual race format.
The other stations are fun as well as challenging.
This is a great event to develop their confidence and excitement in learning to swimming. The motto is to ‘Swim Fun’ and ‘Swim Strong’
This event is open to all children under 11 years old that can swim 25m, with or without the use of a kickboard.




Event Attractions

Swim Events

Swimmers will be arranged based on their age groups three groups. Each group will take their turns at the 3 Swim stations under the guidance of the school Aquatics Department.

Group 1 : 7 years old & below

Group 2 : 8 to 9 years old

Group 3 : 10 to 11 years old


25m Swim Race

Swimmers in each group will swim against other swimmers in the same group and each swimmer can participate in any one or more of the four strokes – Butterfly (FL), Backstroke (BK), Breaststroke (BR) and Freestyle (FR). They will receive a ribbon with their time written on it once they complete each 25m swim.


Destroyer Giant 20m Bouncy Castle

The Destroyer - a giant 20m bouncy castle – is where swimmers will challenge one-on-one to overcome obstacles in each section in the shortest time possible! Once completed, you can go back to the starting point and challenge another swimmer!


Ropes Up! Jump Down! 3m Diving Board

For those who are ready for the challenge, climb up the rope and jump into the pool off the 3m diving board. What a challenge! Don’t worry. Your kids can do it.

* Swimmers can skip any of these 3 event stations if they are not ready for it *


Dry Events

Mini Bazaar

A bazaar of swimsuits and swim accessories at event prices.


Games Station

Kids can enjoy games such as ring toss, water-balloon catch and others at this station.



Enjoy a healthy and tasty morning snack by the purveyors of Italian hospitality and South Italian food, Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore! Surely a welcome option for hungry kids and parents during a morning full of activity.




How to Register


Early Fish
Now to 28 April

29 April – Registration on the Event Day


Registration can be made either at
A) Ocean Paradise Stores
or at the
B) UWC Dover Aquatics Department

To register at Ocean Paradise Stores
before 28 April at $10/entrant

1) Download the Registration Form here

or pick up a Registration Form at,

a) Ocean Paradise Paragon Store
#05-29A Paragon Shopping Centre
(outside the Playground, across Mothercare)

b) Ocean Paradise Tanglin Mall Store
#01-07/08 Tanglin Mall

c) Tanglin Mall Information Centre
Level 2 Tanglin Mall

2) Bring the completed Registration Form(s) with payment ($10/entrant in cash) to the Ocean Paradise stores listed above
*Please note ONE Registration Form is for ONE participant

To register at the UWC Dover Campus Aquatics Department
before 28 April at $10/entrant
from 29 April at $15/entrant

1) Register online HERE  

2) Payment is to be made at UWC Dover Campus Aquatics Department
1207 Dover Road
Singapore 139654
tel: +65 6775 5344 Ext 1623

Every Participant gets a Goodie Bag from Ocean Paradise




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