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Pout Natural Detangler PT014 200ml - Peaches And Cream

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Product Description
Peaches and Cream always conjures up idyllic summer days spent on a beach with your favourite treat. pout's Peaches & Cream Natural Detangler is the only treat you will need for your child's hair!

  • This treatment detangler contains beneficial Argan oil high in antioxidants, which promotes healthy hair growth and helps treat split ends.
  • It is formulated with organic Alfalfa, Calendula and Marshmallow root extracts that nourish the scalp and give lustre to hair.
  • Hair is softer, silkier and more manageable and has a healthy, attractive shine. Perfect for use upon waking up or after play or swim, it will help keep your child's hair neat and fresh.
  • With a delectable Peaches and Cream scent that kids will love, this product is suitable for all ages and hair types.


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