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Pout Swimmers Top-To-Toe PT016 250ml - Grapefruit Island

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Product Description
Sail away to paradise with Grapefruit Island Swimmers'™ Top-to-Toe formulation from Pout.

  • This product is formulated especially to remove chlorine and salt water from hair and skin after swimming. It cleanses and moisturises naturally, repairing and protecting hair and skin from chlorine and salt water damage.
  • The product is also enriched with organic Sage, Comfrey and Parsley extracts and contains Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to help hydrate and regenerate hair and skin.
  • Perfect for use after swim or a day out at the beach, hair and skin will feel soft and smooth, without any hint of chlorine odour.
  • With no sulphates or parabens, our formulation is gentle on the eyes and skin, and is suitable for all ages, skin and hair types.


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