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TYR 5277027 Catalyst Hand Paddle

Fitting guide

Product Description

The Catalyst represents the state-of-the-art in training paddle design. Unlike other oversized paddles, the Catalyst improves all strokes while minimizing the risk of injury. With it, you can keep swimming, winning, and making waves of your own.

Product Features

  1. The Catalyst's extended wing lateral edge design promotes correct entry, extension, pull-through and recovery phases of your stroke. It's natural extension of your hand, creating lift and increasing resistance.
  2. A smaller surface area on its inside edge reduces pressure on the biceps tendon and supraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff during the pull-through phase of a freestyle stroke.
  3. The holes along this edge minimize resistance and help reduce the shoulder stress which can result from training with over-sized paddles.
  4. A unique offset strap design improves stroke technique by preventing improper paddle rotation and allows a more comfortable fit.
  5. The flow hole in the palm area gives you a better feel for the water, which is essential for improving stroke technique.
  6. The Catalyst is constructed for durable, UV-protected poly-propylene, injection-molded a smooth, pliable shape without sharp edges.

Size Recommended Use*: 

  • XS (1) Beginning swimmers or young age groupers (8 - 12 years)
  • S (2) Beginning masters or older age groupers (12+ years)
  • M (3) Mid-level masters or older high school males, Sr.National females, triathletes.
  • L (4) Water Aerobics or strong collegiate swimmers, Sr. National males, advance triathletes
  • XL (5) Water Aerobics or Very strong swimmers

*For non-freestyle strokes, size down one paddle size