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Watercolors Swim Trainer Vest WA120-04 - Pink

Fitting guide

Product Description

  • Builds water confidence
  • Adjustable buoyancy with 6 removable compressed foam to allow floatation adjustment when needed
  • Crotch strap with buckle for added safety
  • Ensure wearer is within arms reach at all times
  • This swim vest is not a life preserver. Will not protect against drowning
  • Use only under constant supervision
  • Remove some floats if facing over-bouyance, see below for removal & adjustment to bouyance.

IMPORTANT: Remove floats in pairs in the sequence shown (Remove A's firstly, then B's, the C's and D's)


  • Size 1: Age 1-2 yrs / Weight range: 11-15kg
  • Size 2: Age 2-4 yrs / Weight¬†range: 15-18kg
  • Size 3: Age 3-5 yrs / Weight¬†range: 18-25kg

  Care instructions

  • Hand wash with cold water (use only mild soap) soon after each use
  • Do not store or wrap it when wet