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Babiators is now under Full Warranty in Singapore!


Thank you for purchasing a Babiators sunglasses from Ocean Paradise! They are not only one of the coolest sunglasses you can find for your kids, they have a great warranty program which you can find out more about below.

Follow the details below to get your FREE replacement from Babiators by following these steps and conditions. 

     Important CONDITIONS
  1. Warranty is for all cases and covers you if your favourite Babiators is lost, broken or scratched

  2. Every purchase is entitled to one redemption only and within a year of purchase

  3. The product must be registered within 30 days after purchase. If you miss this 30-day window, Babiators may reject your redemption

  4. There is no charge for the replacement product. However you will need to pay for, 
    (i) Shipping of the new pair from USA
    (ii) GST at import
    (iii) Courier charges from warehouse to your home

    Receiving your replacement in Singapore will cost you US$16 per pair. Even if 2 pairs are redeemed in an instance, you will need to pay US$16 x 2 = US$32

  1. Within 30 days after purchase, register the purchase details here:

  2. Fill the form according to the instructions in the following picture

    Upon correct completion, the screen will return you a message with the registration number. You will also receive an email carrying the same registration details. Remember to check your mailbox (or junk mailbox) for this email and save it.


    1. In order to redeem your pair of Babiators go to this URL:

    2. Key in your email and registration number from the email received after registering the product. A phone number is required

    3. Once the redemption submission is successful, you will receive an email

    4. Wait for the replacement to arrive!


    1. How long will it take to get redemption pair?

      It takes between 3-4 weeks for the replacement to arrive at your home. Unfortunately, it cannot be any faster.

    2. What are the processes behind this?

      Babiators USA is responsible for the overall process and the distributor will help to ship the item. Babiators USA will verify all information and do the necessary checks and inform the distributor – in this case, Babiators Singapore – who to send replacements to.
      Babiators Singapore will organize this replacement from their inventory to send this to you and in turn, Babiators Singapore will receive the item from Babiators USA at a later date.

    3. Why does it cost US$16 a pair for redemption?

      Shipping a new pair from USA to replace the redemption stock, GST, and courier to customer home all adds up to this!

    4. What if I have lost my Babiators registration number?

      Please email for help