Men's Swim

Swimwear for men has evolved over the years resulting in designs that are more suited to the needs and lifestyles of modern men. From traditional style swimwear such as speedo and swim trunks, there are more choices now that flatter the male figure and can be worn across sports and street, outdoor and indoor. 

At Ocean Paradise, we bring in various swimwear styles for men from well-known brands all over the world. We cater for men who seek stylish and comfortable swimwear to the beach and pool without compromising comfort, allowing them to look good and presentable, whether with family or friends. There are many choices of lengths, fit and designs available – Boardshorts, watershorts, jammers and more. They are versatile and can be worn for different water activities from swimming, boating to surfing.

We offer sizes from S to XXL and waist sizes from 28 to 38.


Australia’s most boring-resistant swimwear, Funky Trunks is known for its quirky prints and vibrant colours. Be in style at the beach with these quick-drying trunks and jammers for men.


Jack O’Neill, the Founder, brings ot us the surf style California look in his boardshorts and sun protective wear . These casual boardshorts for men comes in classic colours making it easy to match.


There’s no adventure without Wallaroo Hat! The UPF50+ rated hats are packable and stylish that are perfect for everyday wear! There is also father & son matching hat too!


Inspired by beachside living in Sydney, Tom & Teddy comes in matching daddy-and-son boardshorts. The range features bright and bold colours in contemporary designs. So get ready for to have fun together! Sizes are available from S to XXL.


TRISWIM represents excellence in athletic personal care that brings a competitive edge. Triswim shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion is suitable for anyone under the hectic conditions of modern lifestyles that involve swimming, rowing, working out, biking, and other outdoor activities.


View swimming goggles offer the ultimate in comfort and fit. View has been designing and making goggles, training aids and accessories for competitive and recreational swimmers since 1952, so they know a thing or two about water sports. Ocean Paradise carries a great selection of View goggles for adult sizes.


GULL Water Protect Bag helps for storage of wet items or items you do not want to get wet during your snorkelling or diving trips on the boat. Available in 3 different sizes, 3L, 20L and 60L.


Swans make goggles that are acknowledged for their high-quality lenses and a superior fit. The adult ranges are ideal for fitness or leisure swimming. At Ocean Paradise, you will also find Swans KickBoards, ear plugs and many other items from their swim accessories range.


Waboba provides products that turn any place into a playground, such as balls that bounce on water. Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime.