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Sun Safety

More than 15 years ago, Ocean Paradise led the way in Singapore for sun awareness by selling the first UPF50+ sun protection rash guards. We continue to take a proactive approach and all sun protective swimwear sold by Ocean Paradise must have an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+. 

We search the world for rash guards, sun hats, ray suits, sunscreens and sunglasses that afford the greatest protection, and our range has developed to cover the needs of the whole family.

Children don't understand the importance of proper sun protection. Not wearing the right swimwear puts your child at risk from the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet rays that cause tanning and sunburn. These risks should not be taken lightly as childhood sunburn is not only painful it can be life threatening. Blistering sunburns in childhood double the child's chances of developing skin cancer in adult life. Choose sun protection swimwear for you and your child. Why take the risk?

Our UPF50+ beachwear is 'of the moment' and made from durable, quick-drying fabrics with excellent shape retention. Ask us how to enjoy the outdoors, stay sun-safe, and look good! While a little exposure to sunlight is enjoyable, too much can be very dangerous.

Effective sunscreens are an important part of a sun-protection plan. A high SPF sunscreen should be applied regularly to all exposed areas of your body - the frequency depends very much on season, time, and activity. It is important to choose the right type of sunscreen that suits your skin and your lifestyle.