Swim Toys

Time spent in the water with your children should be fun, fun, fun. And what better way than with some exciting pool toys. Ocean Paradise has some great pool games and inflatables designed for hours of screaming fun for all the family!


Ready, Set, Wet! What’s better than toys in the tub? Toys in a pool! Water play just got better with Intex pool toys. Your kids can dive and splash with a colorful array of designs.


Think of Swimways and think of happy smiling faces. In the pool, at the beach, Swimways toys and games guarantee a super time for all. We've got a whole range of pool toys and pool games just waiting for you in our stores.


Swimming pool toys are not just for fun; they are also a great way to help your child become a more confident swimmer. Check out Zoggs diving sticks and other toys in store!


Waboba provides products that turn any place into a playground, such as balls that bounce on water. Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime.