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AQA Vega Light & Sammy Dry Sp Set KZ-9077N - Candy Blue

Fitting guide

Product Description
Set Includes: Mask, snorkel

  • Streamlined pipe : Reduces water flow resistance and suppresses blurring of pipes
  • W Lip : The part that hits the face (lip) is double and has excellent adhesion
  • Heat strengthened lens : Hardened glass that is resistant to impact is used
  • Snorkel with drain valve : You can easily clear the snorkel
  • Dry top system : When submerged, the valve automatically closes, making it difficult for water to enter
  • Length: 390mm , Weight: 140g
  • Internal volume: 106cc
  • Internal diameter: φ17mm equivalent
  • Material : Plastic pipe / elastomer mouthpiece