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Funkita Girls Diamond Back One Piece FKS033G - Night Life

Night Life
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Product Description
I’m the OG Funkita one piece that has been around since day dot and without bragging, continue to remain the most popular style. It’s a little-known fact but we were the first company to develop night vision technology for the military. They decided not to use it, as it involved transplanting the eyes of nocturnal animals into the soldiers, which apparently raised some ethical red flags. So instead, we have commercialised our invention for customers to purchase. With a simple operation you can have the eyes of a possum to see clearly at night, or the eyes of a frog so you can swim happily with no goggles. Book now and we’ll throw in a free swimsuit to get you swimming goggle-free with your big, brand-new eyeballs.

 ECO C-Infinity

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