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Funkita Womens Single Strength One Piece FKS045L- Swan Around

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Product Description
The best thing about being designers is we can demand anything we want so that we can feel the prints that we wish to create. If tropical print is what boss wants, then tropical holiday is what boss must provide. So when it came time for a swan print, our demands were simply to swan around for a few weeks. We had some leisurely swims, lay in the sun and strolled in our Funkitas, until we were ready to depict a swan doing the same on fabric. It was the perfect relaxing few weeks, before getting back to more tropical prints, and setting off on our next tropical holiday.

  • My single bind finish will flatter your sporty shape and has been designed to sit comfortably on your shoulders away from your important working parts when you pull through the water. 
  • I’ve got a moderate leg height and rear coverage to keep you covered when you’re twisting and turning in the pool.  I come with full front lining and all the care and love in production that makes me proud to be Funkita. 
  • ECO C-INFINITY is the same superior quality polyester construction that you’ve come to trust from our C-Infinity fabric, but manufactured from end-of-life plastic water bottles.
  • Providing 100% chlorine resistance and exceptional colours, ECO C-INFINITY gives a new life to waste, reducing our environmental impact and keeping our customers swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market.

Care instructions