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Funky Kickboard FYG002N- Brand Galaxy

Funky Kickboard FYG002N- Brand Galaxy


Brand Galaxy


Born and bred in Melbourne, FUNKY is the Aussie label for all to make a statement. With CRAZY COLOURS in COMFY STYLES, spread across an extensive range of swimwear, underwear, beachwear and apparel, FUNKY is designed for SERIOUS PERFORMANCE without the serious attitude. 



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away an alliance of brave young warriors rose from the water to challenge the tyranny of the mighty master called Speed O’Great One. The rebels fought unclothed and weaponless to prevent the Galactic Empire plunging the universe into the dark and boring blackness forever.

  • The FUNKY Kickboard makes any dreaded kick set more bearable with a range of colours and comfortable design
  • For training purposes: develops leg and core strength
  • Ideal flotation for reduced shoulder strain and mobility
  • Available in a range of colours to liven up training
  • Made from durable EVA foam so it will last and last
  • Kickboard is 42cm high, 27cm wide and 4cm thick