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Funky Kickboard FYG002N - No Cheating

Fitting guide

Product Description
The FUNKY Kickboard makes any dreaded kick set more bearable with a range of colours and comfortable design.
This print is a repeating pattern so each product will look slightly different. We are not able to guarantee what you see in these photos will be exactly what you’ll get, but it does mean you will be an individual!
It has also been produced via the latest direct digital printing technology, which means it is better for the environment as there is minimal wastage and water consumption in the printing process. 

  • For training purposes: develops leg and core strength
  • Ideal flotation for reduced shoulder strain and mobility
  • Available in a range of colours to liven up training
  • Made from durable EVA foam so it will last and last!
  • Kickboard is 42cm high, 27cm wide and 4cm thick