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Ki Et La Sunglasses Ourson 1-2 Yrs KELOU2SUNSILVER - Silver Blue

Fitting guide

Product Description

It is MADE IN FRANCE, glasses with the little ears have shrunk to become the Baby OurS’on.This model with its OurS’on design is bound to melt the hearts of all new parents! A super handy and cute newborn gift, these Baby OurS’on sunglasses can be worn by little ones from 3 months and up, with category 4 lenses filtering 100% of UV light. We’ve designed these very carefully for your baby when they’re out and about in their stroller, and they’ll really love it when they start their first forays into the sun. 


  • INNOVATION: In addition to its VERY cute and VERY French style, this pair of children’s sunglasses comes with UNBREAKABLE arms and is supremely comfortable due to its feather-light frame (Only 10 grams). Your child will want to wear them immediately!
  • There are no screws and hinges, so no risk of getting pinched or swallowing small metal parts.


  • CAT4 UV lenses offer protection from UV rays, with Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC filter.
  • Shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses that are impact-resistant. Safe for learner walkers and exploring toddlers.
  • Optimally sized 3.2 cm height lenses to completely protect children’s eyes. Prevents light from leaking in from the top of the frame.
  • Ki ET LA’s extra: anti-blue-light filter to reduce glare.
  • Ergonomic, flexible, light and soft shades. No pressure on temples or on the nose and no pressing against ears.


Care Instructions