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Mahina Merfins Mermaid Costume Set- Coral

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From the very beginning Mahina had a purpose, one far greater than simply designing a costume. The purpose was to reshape the way women and ocean babies connect with the water.
A brand that inspires a new culture with women at its heart. There is an inherent love and connection humans have with the ocean. And, for those that feel that connection it drives them, refreshes them, grounds them.
Like surfing, boogie boarding and stand up allow us to play and enjoy our oceans, MerFins provide a feminine and fun way for women and girls to play in the sea. It’s like a playful meditation; it’s called sea rejuvenation - mermaiding.


  • To complete your mermaids look in the safest possible way… and because every mermaid needs their scales, Mahina has designed her own mermaid scale print swimwear.
  • The Swimwear Set includes a bikini with matching MerLeg swim tights.
  • The MerLeg swim tights allow your child to complete the mermaid look without any risk of binding children’s legs together to the waist. They are a safe and practical way to experience mermaiding.
  • All Mahina Swimwear offer protection from the sun and are made from SPF 50+ rated fabric.
  • Available in Aquamarine & Coral Pink
  • Match with Mermaid Fin

Each Swimwear Set includes:

  • 1 x MerBabe Bikini top & bottom
  • 1 x MerLegs swim tights

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