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Stingray Youth Stinger Suit Long Sleeves ST2014 - Navy/ Azure

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Product Description
The classic style with long sleeves, front zip and high collar with great contrasting side panels and piping is a smart look. The fabric is high quality and retains colour and shape. The garment is simple to wash ‚Äď just rinse after wear.
Stingray Raysuit Long Sleeves know what they like and the Raysuit is a winner.  Built for play in and out of the water, it is designed to maxmise freedom of movement with excellent stretch and recovery- ideal for surfing, diving and general play. Comfort is important - we use the softest High Quality chlorine resistant fabric to fit like a glove and remove with ease. Our signature fabric provides the best in sun protective wear with the highest sun protection rating of EXCELLENT PROTECTION which blocks > 97.5% of the sun's UV radiation.

Youth Stinger Suit(Long Sleeves) - ideal for activities in and out of the water.
  • Provides protection from jelly fish stings
  • UPF50+ the highest industry rating, providing excellent sun protection
  • High Quality¬†Chlorine Resistant Italian fabric
  • Comfortable to wear, excellent stretch and recovery
  • Australian design

Care instructions