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Sunnylife Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Dinosaur S2PSPGDI

$84.00 $42.00
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Product Descriptions
Make it a sun shower all summer long with the Dinosaur Inflatable Giant Sprinkler. This giant dino attaches to your garden hose and sprays water from its mouth for non-stop outdoor fun! With 3-D spikes and a cool sage hue, little kids will love to play with him. Set up the Inflatable sprinkler today and enjoy warm summer afternoons, cooling off and getting soaked with SUNNYLiFE!

  • Over 2m/ 6ft Tall.
  • Comes With Hose Adaptor, Which Fits Onto Most Garden Hoses.
  • Sprays Water Out From The Mouth.
  • Includes Repair Patch In Case Of Punctures.
  • Made From Durable, Non-Toxic Phthalate Free PVC.
  • Float’s And Inflatables Carry Important Safety Labels That May Not Be Shown In All Photography. 
  • Dimensions: 120 x 220 x 200 cm/ 47 x 86.2 x 78.5in
  • Material: PVC

Care Instructions