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TYR Ergo Swim Nose Clip 5277007- Black

Fitting guide

Founded in Huntington Beach, CA by swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo (current owner) and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist Steve Furniss, TYR Sport was established in 1985 to provide the competitive swim market with vibrant, performance-driven prints. Since its inception three decades ago, TYR has grown to exist as one of the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands.

Product Description
The Ergo Swimclip is the latest evolution in low profile, swim nose clip technology. Available in four stylish colors that make a bold statement in the water, the LERGO Swimclips showcase hypo-allergenic TPR nose pads and a polyurethane frame for lightweight comfort. Ideal for training with front mount snorkels, the latex free, Ergo Swimclip is a perfect choice for swimmers on every level.

  • hypo-allergenic
  • Ideal for training with front mount snorkels,
  • low profile
  • Hypo-allergenic TPR nose pad and polyurethane frame
  • The latest in low profile swim clip technology
  • Make a bold statement this small nose clips arrives in 4 bold colors: clear, electric lime, light blue & bright pink