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View Junior Swim Goggle V424J- Sky Blue

Fitting guide


VIEW has evolved into the product we see today from the determination to develop original, cutting edge swimming equipment.    

To take technology to the next level, VIEW sought to improve on its market leading anti-fog treatment.  The Swipe anti-fog is recovered by swiping the lens surface of the swimming goggles.

Functional design for performance is paramount to VIEW’s innovative concepts. To deliver the best performance always comes one step before design.


VIEW V424J SWIMMING GOGGLES is goggles that have a cute design for children ages 3 to 5. This strap is easy to pull on and adjust, either by children by themselves, or by mom or dad. This strap is made of a more elastic material than conventional straps. The strap thickness and width are also strategically varied to enable a stress-free feel when worn. In addition, the strap has a place to write your kid'name in the back of the head.

• UV cut 
• Silicon Packing 
• Double Strap 
• Width: 12.3cm 

Care instructions