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4 Benefits of Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

4 Benefits of Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

Attention all regular and frequent swimmers, those who swim competitive laps and the ones who have just signed up for swimming classes or joined a swim club! As you are probably aware, chlorine is actively used in swimming pools to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses in the water, keeping it clean and safe to swim in. But did you realise it was destroying your training swimsuit too? 

Yes, you read that correctly. Unfortunately, chlorinated water can cause irreparable damage to your brand new swimwear causing it to fade in colour and lose form, soon becoming see-through, frayed, and saggy.

However, this does not have to be the case! Simply by selecting a high-quality swimsuit made from a perfect blend of long-lasting Lycra and other chemical materials or fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or spandex. It will prolong its lifespan as these chlorine-resistant fabrics will reduce the destructive effects of chlorine.

In addition to that, it will provide you with these 4 benefits:

  1. Lasting colours

The issue with chlorine is that it diminishes the vibrant colours we adore in our swimwear after frequent use in the pool.

That is why owning a chlorine-resistant swimsuit is exactly what you need if you want it to retain its stunning colors and patterns regardless of its exposure to chlorinated water for a long time. This way, your colourful bathing suit will continue to look vivid in and out of the pool!

  1. Shape Retention 

Regular swimsuits will lose their elasticity when exposed to regular chlorinated swimming pool water. This results in the garment stretching and going out of shape, drooping, and, worst of all, ripping. This is because the chlorine, which is introduced to pools, gradually breaks down the fabric fibres hence, causing the aforementioned.

To avoid this, invest in a well-made swimsuit composed of chlorine-resistant fabric for your fitness or competitive swimming laps. You will undoubtedly see differences in lasting fit and durability.

  1. Long-lasting sun protection

If you had purchased swimwear that has sun protection properties, you would want them to last the life of your swimsuit, don’t you agree?

Chlorine-resistant swimsuits can provide you with extended sun protection property as the fabric is less susceptible to attack from chlorine and will take so much longer before the fabric starts to give way and lose its sun protective properties.

Make this better choice if sun protection is an important factor for your swimming lifestyle as chlorine-resistant fabrics ensure the sun protection levels are well maintained for a long time.

A bonus when you select this type of chlorine-resistant and sun protective swimsuit is that sunscreens will no longer be the sole option to protect your skin from the scorching sun. It's a great choice for young children who spend a lot of time having fun in the pool and outdoors. You can be sure they are well protected for a long time. And unlike sunscreen, it does not fade over time, so you will not need to reapply.

  1. Value for money

With all that hard work in the pool, you will need a comfy swimsuit that makes you feel confident and is built to last. And if the price is a concern, let me let you in on a secret- chlorine-resistant swimsuits are priced only a little higher than swimsuits that are not.

Taking into account the frequent replacements for ordinary swimsuits if you are a regular swimmer is that the life of these ordinary swimsuits are typically short-lived under chlorinated pool condition. Some chlorine-resistant fabrics boast 7 to 12 times the lastingness of non-chlorine-resistant one so the answer is clear - chlorine-resistant swimwear extremely cost-effective for you, regular swimmers.

So, take your time to think before rushing out to get a typical bathing suit that is merely inexpensive and fashionable. Visit a swimwear store that sells chlorine-resistant swimsuits.

Regardless of gender, we offer a wide range of trendy chlorine-resistant swimsuits in many colours, patterns, hues and designs to choose. If the 4 benefits are what you may be looking for, try some on and choose wisely. 

There is a swimsuit for every occasion, whether you are searching for a seascape tankini for your upcoming tropical trip or a raysuit for your child's swimming lessons. Take a look below:

Printed competition or training swimsuit for girls from Funkita Neck-to-knee one piece raysuit for boys from Stingray
Funkita Womens Strapped In One Piece FS38L- Blue Mist Stingray Youth Stinger Suit Long Sleeves ST2014- Navy/ Azure
Women's tankini top from Cabana Life sun protection swimsuit A relaxed-fit chlorine-resistant rash guard from Tom & Teddy
Cabana Life Tankini Top 407-SE21- Seascape Tom & Teddy SDBLS Mens Rash Tops Long Sleeves Deep Blue

This may be the next purchase that will provide you with superior value, long-term savings, and years of enjoyment in the water.

Not sure where to go to buy chlorine-resistant swimsuits? You can find them on our website! Any swimsuit that is resistant to chlorinated water will clearly state so in the product description:

Alternatively, you can drop by at any of our 3 outlets to look through our many designs and styles and locate the "chlorine-resistant" hangtag, as seen below. Our experienced and friendly sales coordinates will be happy to assist you in finding precisely what you need!

So drop by our stores if you are shopping for a swimsuit for your lap-swimming, your child's swim training or just some good quality swimwear that you can love for a long time!

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