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Prevent Skin Damage with Sun Protective Hats

Prevent Skin Damage with Sun Protective Hats
Many of us are already aware that lack of proper sun protection can cause sunburn, wrinkles, sunspots, other signs of premature aging skin and that is the reason why we use sunscreen: to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
But what if I told you that sunscreen alone isn’t the best daily sun protection plan and that, a common mistake many still make before spending time outdoors is underestimating the importance of a UPF-rated hat!
As mentioned earlier, a lack of proper sun protection can cause premature aging skin, and unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there as repeated infliction of sun damage can lead to skin cancer which is one of the top 10 most frequently diagnosed cancer in Singapore, according to SingHealth.
For adults who spend time outdoors, you’d wear sunscreen to stay protected from the sun. However, few know that sunblock needs to be applied and reapplied every 2 hours to ensure proper coverage and be effective as a sun protectant.
And the truth is that this may be somewhat difficult and inconvenient to achieve during activities especially if you already have makeup over the last sunscreen application. Not forgetting, if you do not get to reapply sunscreen after sweating or rubbing it off, it will not provide sufficient UV protection from the harsh glare of the sun.
As for young children, early and excessive sun exposure raises the risk of sun damage later in life. Their skins are thinner and more sensitive as compared to adults and it is known that 80% of skin damage occurs before the age of 18. All-in-all, it is important to think about sun protection for youngsters early.
Now here’s our suggestion. In efforts to achieve a better level of sun protection, how about combining sunscreen with suitable implements such as sun hats and shades?
With a suitable broad-brim sun hat, you can be sure to get coverage on your face and neck areas. But listen up to understand what kind of hat can provide the sun protection you want. After all, not all hats are created equal when it comes to sun protection and useability.
So let us get into it! 

What to look for in a Sun Hat

Here are 3 factors to look for in a sun hat.

1. Densely woven fabric: A hat built for sun protection must be made of fabric that is densely woven together so that certain levels of UV rays from the sun will be blocked out by the fabric before reaching the skin.

In other words, if you're searching for an effective UPF protection hat, seek a hat constructed from material rated UPF 30+ or 50+, meaning it will block 97% or 98% of the direct UV rays falling on it. Cotton canvas typically provides decent to exceptional sun protection and straw hats with a tight weave or fabric lining under the brim will keep your crown shaded too.
Here are some differences in UPF ratings for clothing and accessories:

UPF rating

Percentage (%) of protection

UPF rating of up to 25:

Provides adequate protection, blocking up to 95% of UV rays.

UPF rating of up to 40:

Great protection, blocking up to 97% of UV rays.

UPF rating 40+:

Provides the best protection, blocking up to 98% or more of UV rays.

2. Brim Size: Seek out a hat that has brim size of at least 3 inches (about 7.5cm) for it to protect the face, neck, ears and eyes. Visors and baseball caps can be worn but hats with brims that wrap around the head works better to give it the protection it needs. 

3. Third-Party Rating: One last factor to consider before pulling out your wallet to buy your new sun protection hat is whether it has been assessed by a reputable third party.

The third party to keep lookout for? The Skin Cancer Foundation or the equivalent in your country generally issue sun protection rating certificates to hats that make the mark. These are generally authorities on sun protection and skin cancer and work to empower people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer. 
At the Skin Cancer Foundation, they rate sun protection products through rigorous testing and only the products which fulfill the requirements of the Foundation. Some of these requirements in their checklist include,
- having a UPF rating of 30 or higher
- acceptable test results according to the Foundation’s expert photo biologists to be deemed safe and effective as sun protection
- a minimum brim width of 3 inches


The Wallaroo Hats are a Good Sun Hat Option

Whether you’re running, hiking or just hanging out, you may want to take a look at the Wallaroo Hats which cover many of these points. 

1. Third-party rated: Their sun protection features are rated by the Skin Cancer Foundation and have received the Seal of Recommendation as they offer hats a UPF rating of 30 - 50+ by shielding your face, bare neck, neck, eyes and ears from dangerous UV radiation.

2. Packable: If you’re concerned about how to carry your new board-brim sun hats, just know that Wallaroo Hats’ are incredibly lightweight and the majority of them are packable.
A tag is attached to each hat explaining how to pack that specific hat and if the hat does not have an instruction tag, then the hat should not be crushed and packed but otherwise, most of their hats can be folded up and popped right back into shape when unpacked.

3. Easy to clean: Another instruction tag is attached to the Wallaroo hat that contains cleaning instructions most often, to spot clean or hand wash and then air-dry.

4. Adjustable: The hats are adjustable with the help of a drawstring closure within the hat to ensure a snug fit. No more hats that fly away in the wind!

5. There’s a hat for everyone: With a variety of styles available, you wouldn’t have to compromise on what you love to wear when you’re doing what you love!
Really! There’s a well-crafted and functional UPF sun hat waiting for you. Click on the product image you want to have a closer look at below: 

Monroe UPF 50+ Hat from Wallaroo Hats for Women

Outback Hat for Men from The Wallaroo Sun Protection Hats

Wallaroo Hats Sawyer Boys' Sun Protective Hat

Extra Wide Brim Sun Protective Wallaroo Hat for Girls

Alternatively, you can visit any of our 3 stores to see, touch and try on these stylish UPF hats:
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