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Different Bra Types in Swimsuits to Suit Different Body Types

Different Bra Types in Swimsuits to Suit Different Body Types

A good swimsuit enhances your natural bust shape as well as gives it sufficient and suitable support where needed. And with a good bust shape, the proportion of the body naturally looks better. So the natural question would be - what bra type of swimsuit should we wear to complement our body best?

Let us help you build your confidence with some suggestions for bra choices in relation to one-piece swimsuits. Here are 4 different types of bras in the Miraclesuit swimsuits to bring out the best upper body silhouette.


1. Shelf Bra

[Featuring Miraclesuit Jena Contour 1Pc - Sari Not Sari Black ]

For someone who looks for ease of mobility for better swimming performance, the shelf bra may be your friend. It is constructed with a secure elastic band to support the underbust and mesh support to hold the natural breasts in place.

In general, shelf bras do not have any or much padding so minimizing resistance underwater and hence provides good mobility. This bra of type is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes, giving you great comfort and mobility.

In the example above, the shelf bra in this particular piece may not resemble a typical shelf bra but it is considered as one based on its same functionality and structure.

2. Soft Cup Bra

[Featuring Miraclesuit Circle Soft Cup Contour 1Pc - Sari Not Sari Black ]

The more common bra type will be the soft cup bra. This is for women who simply look for comfort and a casual look.

A soft cup bra consists of a soft cushioned padding which shapes the bust without an underwire or other features. In terms of support, these offer little help. However, they are comfortable and gives the chest a soft shaping that is all-day natural wear. They are suitable for A to B cup sizes, and subtly enhances your natural curves.

3. Underwire Cup Bra

[Featuring Miraclesuit Pin Up Contour 1Pc - Luxor Nile ]

As its name suggests, an underwire cup bra consists of a thin secure wire below and cupping the bust to provide a good lift and shaping for a full bust. In terms of support, these offer the best in the range as they shape and hold the breasts in place.

They are suitable for C cup ladies and above, for women who wants to shape the bust for a more defined silhouette.

4. Moulded Bra

[Featuring Miraclesuit Mystique Contour 1Pc - Network Sangri ]

*this swimsuit comes with an underwire

The moulded bra is very flattering for sizes C cup and above, for women who want a highly defined silhouette.

A moulded bra consists of pre-shaped padding and gives a smooth, seamless finish to sculpt your curves while still being comfortable for all your water-based activities. If any, the downside would be that your cup size and the pre-shaped moulded cup must match well in order to make it look natural. So we would encourage you to try on the swimsuit for one that uses this type of bra.

This type of bra can also be found combined with an underwire. This combination would be able to give maximum support and shaping for a full busted lady.

Now that you know which bra type may suit you, the next step is to choose the right design that best present your body! See what else Miraclesuit has to offer!