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How to Clean and Care for Your Swimsuit

How to Clean and Care for Your Swimsuit

If you've just bought a new swimsuit for yourself or your family, you will want to know how to look after it so you can make your swimming costume last longer and look great. Here are some easy ways of caring for your swimsuit to keep them in tip-top condition.


Rinse Regularly

Rinse your swimming costume each time you wear it. Even if you haven’t ventured into the water, your costume may have come into contact with sun cream and will certainly have come into contact with your skin. Some sun cream formulas can cause yellowing of the fabric, while chlorine is harsh on fibres. Saltwater can lead to fading of bright colours; so rinsing your swimwear in plenty of clear fresh water is a must to keep it in good condition.


Wash by Hand

Wash your new swimwear by hand. Washing machines are too aggressive on the delicate fibres. Instead, use cold water and a cap full of detergent designed for swimsuits, or delicate fabrics. Alternatively, you can use a little white wine vinegar, which will have the same benefit. Soak your swimwear for 30 minutes and then rinse. Don’t leave it to soak for any longer and in particular, avoid doing this overnight, as it can stretch or weaken the fabric of your swimwear.


Dry Your Swimwear with Care

It can be tempting to wring out your swimwear, but try to resist the urge. The best way to remove excess water from your swimsuit is to roll it in a clean, dry towel. Then, lay it on a flat surface to dry, out of direct sunlight. Sunlight may cause bright colours to fade.

Avoid hanging your swimming costume up, especially with a coat hanger. Hanging your costume may cause it to lose its shape. And if you accidentally use a metal coat hanger or hook, it could lead to rust forming and damaging your swimwear.


Make your swimwear last longer

You can prepare your swimwear for life on the beach, or in the pool, by soaking it for 30 minutes in cold water and a small amount of white wine vinegar. Dry it as suggested above before you first wear it. This will prevent the colours of your swimwear from bleeding into one another.

Avoid sitting on rough surfaces such as the edges of swimming pools or sand. Always put a towel on the floor or chair before you sit down to avoid damaging the fibres in your swimwear.

Swimwear is made from spandex, which is a so-called ‘memory fabric.’ Fabrics like this need a full day to return to their original shape, so if possible, try to rotate your swimwear, particularly if you are on holiday or use your swimwear regularly. Wear a different costume each day to give each one 24 hours to bounce back to its former shape.

Avoid wearing your new swimwear in the hot tub or Jacuzzi if at all possible. Heat is damaging for the delicate fibres. If you do want to use a hot tub or Jacuzzi and are rotating your swimwear, keep one of your swimming costumes just for soaking in the hot tub and make sure it is your least favourite!

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