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Six Safety Tips for Taking Baby Out In the Sun

Six Safety Tips for Taking Baby Out In the Sun
Babies and little children generally love being in the water. They are, however,  significantly more reactive to prolonged exposure to the sun than adults so let's take suitable precautions to be sure they enjoy the outdoors and keep healthy and safe at the same time.

1) Use Sun Protective Swimwear

The first step to safeguarding your child from excessive sun is to clothe them in kids’ sun protective swimwear. A rating of UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 30 or above will work best. 

There are various style options available for babies but it is important that the swimwear covers the baby's shoulder and torso so that you can reduce the usage of sunscreens. As the baby has a large surface area to volume ratio, sunscreen chemicals that are absorbed through the skin affect the baby's health more. 

2) Avoid the Peak Sun Hours

Normally, the intensity of solar radiation is at its peak between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m in Singapore. It is best to avoid these times for the baby's outdoor activities.

3) Cover the Baby

Too much sun for the baby reduces its immunity temporarily. And one severe sunburn for little children is known to substantially increase the risk of developing melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer, later in their lives.

So to enjoy the outdoors whilst staying safe, we recommend these few simple steps.
    Cover the baby’s head with a wide-brimmed hat. A hat with a chin strap will keep the hat in position 
    • Or use a legionnaire hat that covers the neck¬†when in the water as it provides good protection to a delicate area.
    • ¬†

      A pair of sunglasses also protect their eyes and keep them comfortable if the sun is strong. You may meet some resistance in the beginning, but good quality sunglasses that have UV lenses, are shatter-resistant and made of soft flexible material will keep their eyes safe from the UV rays.




      4) Stay Under Shades

      To reduce the overall exposure to the sun during their pool outing, it is wise to choose a pool with shady rest areas as you get the baby ready for the dip and in between dips.
      If the pool has some shade, enjoy the sensation and playtime with baby under the shade. As babies do better in warmer water, we like taking them out after the midday sun has passed and the water is still warm from the day's sun.
      If they seem to be too cold in the pool water, try a neoprene thermal top or suit as these maintain their body temperatures better.

      5) Invest in a Reputable Sunscreen

      For babies and little children, use a good quality sunblock on the areas that are still exposed to the sun after donning their sun protective swimsuit and hat. 
      Try to select one that is chemical-free because they are less likely to irritate the infant. Test it is on a small area before applying on their faces. It is best to use sun creams sparingly on babies, as necessary, and only on exposed areas. 

      6) Hydrate whilst at Play

      Besides affecting the skin, exposure to the sun also causes rapid dehydration and fatigue. Children forget the time if they are having fun so remember to keep the child well hydrated through the period outdoors.

      Aquatic sports and water play is enjoyed by most babies and young children! It is a good way for them to learn how to move their bodies and to pick up an essential skill. Take these simple six steps to keep them safe from the sun and have maximum peace of mind as you let them enjoy their playtime in the water!
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