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Swim Accessories | Shop All

Accessories Shop All

Kickboards, Swim Caps, Goggles, Pool Toys and many more! Essential items that you need to enjoy your time out at the pool, and improve your swimming skills.
Activewear Brands


Browse our recommended activewear brands that ranges from active tops, active bottoms to complete workout clothes and accessories to cover your exercise needs, be it in the gym, doing outdoor sports or in the comfort of your own home.
Mens Activewear

Active Men

High Performance mens activewear tops and bottoms. sport wear for men, man gym wear for workout or any exercises at home, in the gym or sports outdoors!
Women Activewear, Sports wear for women

Active Women

Sports wear for women, gym wear for women or activewear ranging from high Performance tights, sports bras, tanks and more for the Active Women doing workout or any exercises at home, in the gym or sports outdoors!
AQA | Snorkelling Equipment


AQA is well-known for innovative technology for snorkeling products. Fins, snorkels, boots, gloves, and wet suits are MANUFACTURED IN JAPAN with stringent requirements to uphold the high functionality, performance, and durability
Aqua Blu | Kids Swimwear

Aqua Blu

Aqua Blu is known for its unique and on-trend styles, prints, fit and quality. With fashionable chic pieces, Aqua Blu creations mark a bold departure from the formality of summer fashion.

Inflatable Arm Bands

Arm Band

Arm bands or float bands are essentials to get little swimmers started in the water!
Australian Gold Extreme Sport Ultra Chill SPF 30 Lotion Suncreen AG237SP 237ml

Australian Gold

Australian Gold sun care products were initially sold in beach-side stores and small surf shops in the sunshine state, Florida. Inspired by the beach that put them on the map, Cocoa Beach, Florida, their signature fragrance, Cocoa Dreams, brings you instant memories of good times and sunshine every time you open the bottle.
Each product is formulated to contain native Australian ingredients to provide a one of a kind experience for your everyday protection. Always innovating and ingredient-conscious, you can feel confident that their products are protecting and improving your skin in the healthiest way possible.
The goal is to keep you protected while you and your loved ones Celebrate Life Outside.



This item can ONLY be shipped locally; it CANNOT BE shipped internationally.

B.Toys | Kids Beach and Pool Toys


QUIRKY and UNIQUE, B.TOYS are meant to INSPIRE children's individuality. Unexpected colours, intriguing patterns and sensory textures are as playful as they are EDUCATIONAL! Toys are made to be TIMELESS and meant to be passed on from one generation to the next. 

The packaging is 100% RECYCLABLE, with easy-to-use TRY ME windows and groovy die cuts.  They are designed to minimalize the parts that get thrown away, and by using soy-based inks.

Babiators | Kids Sunglasses


Aqua Blu Swim Nappy AB2213BB- Building Blocks Black

Baby Boys Diaper

Babies' swim diapers and nappies to prevent accidents in the swimming pool.
Baby Boys Swimwear

Baby Boys Swimwear

A large collection of Baby Boys Swimwear including Thermal Swimwear, Rash Sets, Sunsuits and more.
Baby Swim Floats

Baby Floaties

Shop for a great variety of Baby Floats for the Pool- Baby Floats, Baby Swim Seats, Inflatable Arm Bands and Inflatable Pools.
Baby Girls Swimwear

Baby Girls Swimwear

Cute and Stylish Baby Girls Swimwear including Rash Guards, Thermal Swimwear, One Pieces, Sunsuits and more.
Baby Sun Hats | Babies Swim Hats

Baby Hats

Shop for UPF 50+ Sun Hats for your babies. Wide variety including Bucket Hats, Caps, Swim Flap Hats for newborn, toddlers and babies.
Baby Swimming Essentials | Wet Bags, Puddle Jumpers, Caps, Swim Trainers

Baby Others

Shop for Baby Swim Essentials - Body care, Puddle jumpers, Wet Bags, Caps and more.
Baby Swimwear, Swim Nappies, Floaties, Hats and more| Shop all

Baby Shop All

Wide collection of babies first swim necessities - Babies Swimwear, Swim Diapers, Surf Suit, Rash Sets, Rash Tops and more. For ages 0 to 3.
Baby Sunglasses

Baby Sunglasses

Quality sun protective baby sunglasses for girls and boys. Check out the flexible arms and safety features for the little ones.
Baby Swim Diapers

Baby Swim Diapers

Stylish reusable Swim Nappies for your babies designed for their first swims.
B.Toys BX1299Z Lil' Squirts >0Yr - Pig/Hedge Hog/Cow

Baby Swimming Special Buys

Baby Swimwear

Baby Swimwear

Shop for Babies Swimwear in UPF 50+ Rashguards, Bikini, One Piece, Rash Sets and more. For both baby boys and baby girls.
Baby Thermal Swimsuit

Baby Thermal Swimsuit

Shop for Baby thermal swimwear, wet suits, neoprene wetsuits for your baby to keep warm in the water.
Baby Swim Toys

Baby Toys

See our collection of Babies Bath Toys, Beach Toys, Swim Toys and more. Keep your babies entertained during bath times or at the pool.
Swimming Bags | Water-Proof Bags | Beach and Pool Bags


Inflatable Beach Balls| Swimming Balls


Inflatable balls, balls that skip on water, balls for beach and pool play in various sizes!
Beach Accessories | Cooler Bags, Deck Chair, Beach Kits, Beach Toys


Giant Pool Floats

Big Floats

Lilos, lie-ons, rides in all shapes and sizes that add to your leisure and fun on the water!
Body Gloves | Women's Swimwear

Body Glove

Body Glove was born in 1953 when 2 brothers invented a practical wetsuit for them and their friends to enjoy the ocean sports in the cold Californian waters. Meet your active needs with Body Glove Activewear, Body Glove Swimwear and Body Glove Active Swimwear which can cross over from the gym to swim! 

Boys Sun Hats | Boys Swim Hats

Boys Hats

Boys swim hats, legionnaire hats, sun hats in bucket and other shapes. Great sun protection for outdoor and leisure.
Boys Jammers

Boys Jammers

Boys swim jammers for training, fitness and leisure.
Boys Rash Guard

Boys Rash Guard

Long Sleeve Rashguards, Short Sleeve Rashguards and Rash Tops in UPF50 for boys who love swimming and aquatic sports.
Boys Rash Sets

Boys Rash Sets

Rashguard and pants sets for sun protection and outdoor swimming activities for boys.
Boys Raysuit

Boys Raysuit

One piece raysuits and sunsuits for boys who love swimming and aquatic sports. Protects from neck to knee from the sun.
Boys Resort

Boys Resort

Boys coverup and ponchos for after-swim.
Boys Swimsuit | Clearance Sale

Boys Sale

Boys Sun Hats | Clearance Sale

Boys Sale Hats

Boys Jammers | Clearance Sale

Boys Sale Jammers

Boys Sale Rash Guard

Boys Sale Rash Guard

Boys Sale Rash Sets

Boys Sale Rash Sets

Boys Sale Raysuits

Boys Sale Raysuits

Boys Swim Shorts | Clearance Sale

Boys Sale Swim Shorts

Boys Trunks | Clearance Sale

Boys Sale Trunks

Boys Swimsuit, Sun Hats and more | Shop All

Boys Shop All

Find stylish UPF50+ Rash Guards, Swimmers, Swim Trunks, Boardshorts, Sun Hats, and coordinates for boys from babies, toddlers, juniors to pre-teens.
Boys Swim Shorts | Boys Boardshorts

Boys Swim Shorts

Swim shorts, boardshorts and boardies for boys
Boys Swim Trunks | Boys Swim Briefs

Boys Swim Trunks

Boys comfortable, and well-fitted swim trunks in various designs for competition, training and leisure
Boys Swimsuits

Boys Swimwear

A wide range of stylish rashguards, swim trunks, boardshorts and coordinates for a perfect day at the pool and beach for boys.
Boys Thermal Swimwear

Boys Thermal Swimwear

Cabana Life | Sun Protective Dresses and Swimwear

Cabana Life

Cabana Life is a lifestyle, designed to help you and your family enjoy the sun while staying protected. Designed with you in mind, we use only the highest rated UPF & most luxurious fabrics. It creates sun protection that makes you feel AND look your best.

The Cabana Life brand is about sun protection in style. Their swimsuits and coverups multi-task across sidewalk, beach to bar, and everyday to vacation all whilst giving you 98% sun protection. Check out their swimwear and relax styles that coordinate with mum and daughter, and father and son!

Cancer Council Australia | Sunscreens

Cancer Council Australia

Broad-spectrum sunscreens in a range of innovative formulations and packaging to suit every lifestyle. Protect your skin with sunscreens and sunblocks rated between SPF30+ and 50+. Endorsed by the Australian Cancer Council.



This item can ONLY be shipped locally; it CANNOT BE shipped internationally.

Swimming Pool Dive Toys

Diving Toys

Diving toys are great fun and train children's swimming and motor skills at the same time. Choose from a variety of shapes and levels.
Eubi | Swim Wear for Men, Mens activewear, Sports Wear Brand


Eubi is all about Fun. Think of wild days showing of cannonball skills, weekend parties that never end or just enjoying a netflix or chill session at home. Eubi believes expressing yourself through words should be a thing of the past, because the clothes you wear should be doing that for you. Whether you are in vibrant prints or bright colours, or looking for extra 'glow'. Eubi's fun and exciting designs are here to help you stand out from the crowd, make a splash and give your haters something worth to talk about.

A premium sports wear brand catered to swim and active needs for men. Browse their fun range of signature mens swimwear, swim shorts, swim trunks, as well as their activewear for game-changing comfort and style!

Feather 4 Arrow | Kids Sun Protective Swimwear

Feather 4 Arrow

Feather 4 Arrow is a kid’s lifestyle brand that blends easy comfort with rebellious style. Inspired by the southern California beach culture, the collection is both free spirited and chic.
Topped off with a healthy dose of attitude, Feather 4 Arrow’s unique swimwear range embody the essence of the brand’s fun and laid-back approach to fashion. Look out for boardshorts and swimsuits carefully designed and made from upcycled and recycled materials along with highest quality sun-protective fabrics.
Flap Happy | Childrens' Hats

Flap Happy

Flap Happy was founded over 30 years ago by designer Laurie Lipson Snyder, a Malibu, United States native and mother of four. After Laurie was diagnosed with skin cancer at a young age, she started the business with the purpose of shielding her children’s faces and necks from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a protective hat that no other company in the marketplace was offering. Today, Laurie has grown Flap Happy’s commitment to protective childrenswear with the addition of swimwear, playwear, and outerwear - The vibrant colors, playful prints, and unique designs make our childrenswear popular choices for boys and girls.

Look towards them for products that understand children's needs under the sun.

Funkita | Womens and Girls Swimwear


Funkita Fit Womens Get Fit Crop Top FKA005L- Palm Beach

Funkita Fit

From Melbourne, Australia, Funkita Fit offers the ultimate comfort to see athletes through their toughest sessions. Check out this sister brand of the one and only Funkita swimsuits.
Funky | Pool Accessories


Funky is started in Melbourne. With crazy colours, comfy styles across an extensive selection of swim accessories, these swimsuits are fun, exciting and takes the boredom out of any swim practice!


Free Limited Edition Pencil Case (Worth S$29.90) - With Min. Purchase of S$100
For Funky Trunks, Funkita & Funky products only
While Stock Lasts!

Funky Trunks | Men and Boys Swimwear

Funky Trunks

Swimming Pool Games| Water Guns, Soakers, Pistols| Ring Toss Pool Game


Poolside and pool games that can help develop coordination and skills for children and adult.
Sunnylife Cork Roll-Up Game Monochrome S3WCKRUT

Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift? Here are some ideas that might inspire you!

Girls Rash Guard

Girls Rash Guard

Girls rash guards and rash shirts for excellent protection against the sun and UV rays. Long sleeves and short sleeves rash guards for girls.
Girls Bikini

Girls Bikini

Girls bikini styles for pool, beach and resort.
Girls Sun Hats

Girls Hats

Swim hats, legionnaire hats and bucket hats that work well in the pool setting, and sun hats that work in on the streets to complement an outfit protect from the harsh UV-rays
Girls Jammer and Boyleg Shorts

Girls Jammer and Boyleg Shorts

Girls fitted knee length or boyleg shorts for swimming and aquatic sports.
Girls Swim Leggings

Girls Leggings

Girls leggings for aquatic sports and leisure. Sun protective and allows for good movement and stretch.
Girls One Piece Swimsuit & Bather

Girls One Piece Swimsuit

Girls one piece style swimsuits in various prints and designs - for competition, practice, leisure and fashion.
Girls Rash Sets

Girls Rash Sets

Girls rash guard and pants sets for excellent sun protection and sporty wear.
Girls Raysuit

Girls Raysuits

Girls Raysuits or Sunsuits in Long or Short Sleeves for excellent protection against the sun and UV rays.
Girls Resortwear

Girls Resortwear

Girls coverups, kaftans and ponchos for after-swim.
Girls Swimsuit | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale

Girls Bikini | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Bikini

Girls Sun Hat | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Hats

Girls One Piece Swimwear | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale One Piece

Girls Swim Bottoms | Bikini Bottoms, Swim Shorts, Tights | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Pants

Girls Rash Guards | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Rash Guards

Girls Rash Set | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Rash Set

Girls Surfsuit | Clearance Sale

Girls Sale Surf Suit

Girls Sale Swim Shorts

Girls Sale Swim Shorts

Girls Swimwear, Rash Guards, Hats and more | Shop All

Girls Shop All

Cute and Stylish UPF50+ Girls Swimwear, Rash Guards, Bikinis, One-pieces, Thermal Swimwear, Hats and coordinates for babies, toddlers, juniors to pre-teens.
Girls Surf Suit

Girls Surf Suit

Shop for Girls stylish Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Surf Suits.
Girls Swim Shorts

Girls Swim Shorts

Swim shorts, boardshorts, boardies for girls who love swimming and aquatic sports. Quick dry and can be used for street wear too.
Swimwear in one piece, tankini and bikini styles for young girls who love the sun and sea. Also sun protective rash guards and sets

Girls Swimwear

Swimwear in one piece, tankini and bikini styles for young girls who love the sun and sea. Also sun protective rash guards and sets.
Girls Tankini

Girls Tankini

Girls tankini swimsuits for pool and beach.
Girls Thermal Swimwear

Girls Thermal Swimwear

Shop for Girls thermal swimwear, wet suits, neoprene wetsuits for your child to keep warm in the water.
Swim Goggles | Children and Adults Swim Goggles


A wide range of swimming goggles with anti-fog, UV, mirrored and performance features for children up to adults. Everything from leisure to fitness and racing use as well.
Sun Hats | Hats for Men and Women


Sun hats for the street or for the pool. Our range is always UPF 50+ to ensure you get the best sun protection for you, the kids and your family!


Heaven Australia is timelessly designed for every adventure, for every moment, for every body. Each collection is meticulously designed using cutting edge fabrics, technology and innovation to craft high quality fashion forward swim and activewear pieces. Heaven has crafted high quality, long lasting, fashion forward swim & active wear for every body.
Inflatable Swimming Pools

Inflatable Pools

Inflatable, backyard pools for baby, kids and the whole family to have a splashing good time!
Pool inflatables and floats


A wide range of pool toys, pool floats and pool inflatables to maximise pool fun with your friends and families! For small kids up to adults.
Itzy Ritzy | Wet Bags

Itzy Ritzy

The specialist in handy items for young mums and dads, this is their range of wet bags which is safe enough to use for food to swimwear and gym wear. Itzy Ritzy founders, Kelly and Brian, built the brand while raising three babes in Manhattan, US. With you in mind, they support you with awesome products, a fun, welcoming community and itzy reminders that you’re doing a great job!

Ki Et La | Kids Sunglasses

Ki Et La

For nearly 10 years, Ki ET LA has been imagining, designing, and manufacturing sunglasses for children from 0 to 12 years of age. An expertise acquired over the years through the drive of three founders who wanted to revolutionize the market for children’s sunglasses. The brand has come a long way since then! Ki ET LA now has a range of UNBREAKABLE glasses for children up to 6 years of age, an EXTRA FLEX SUN & SCREEN range for 6- to 12-year-olds, and a range of ultra-colourful anti-UV hats and clothing! Over the years, Ki ET LA has become the expert in solar protection for children.
Swimming Pool Kickboards


Wide range of Kickboards in crazy colors and styles meant for serious performance in swimming without the serious attitude.
Men Jammers

Men Jammers

Men's swim jammers for swimming and aqua sports. For leisure, competition and fitness wear.
Men Rash Guard

Men Rash Guard

Men's sun protective rash guards and rash tops for sun, sea, yatching and outdoor and aquatic sports.
Men Swimwear | Clearance Sale

Men Sale

Men Jammers | Clearance Sale

Men Sale Jammers

Men Swim Shorts | Clearance Sale

Men Sale Swim Shorts

Men Swim Trunks| Clearance Sale

Men Sale Trunks

Men Swimwear, Rash Guards, Hats and more | Shop all

Men Shop All

Find quality, stylish Swimmers, Swim Trunks, Boardshorts and Sun Tops for men who wish to spend time by the pool or beach.
Men Swim Shorts

Men Swim Shorts

Swim Shorts, Boardshorts, Boardies for men in varying designs and prints for a relaxed and fun pool, beach or resort wear.
Men Swim Trunks

Men Swim Trunks

Mens swim trunks in varied designs for sports, fitness and leisure.
Men Swimwear

Men Swimwear

Find quality, stylish Swimmers, Swim Trunks, Boardshorts and Sun Tops for men who wish to spend time by the pool or beach.
Men's Active Bottoms

Men's Active Bottoms

Men's Active Tops

Men's Active Tops

Miraclesuit | Womens Slimming Swimwear


The Miraclesuit®️ heritage of fit, form and function begins with the unique and innovative fabric, Miratex®️. This fabric delivers three times the control of ordinary swimwear fabrics, without relying on inner linings and constrictive control panels to shape and trim. The high concentration of Lycra spandex means that Miraclesuit®️ keep their shape and yours.

Pulling it all together with a uniquely fashion forward point of view through exclusive designs and silhouettes, Miraclesuit®️ builds confidence. The design team's strategic use of shirring and draping emphasizes your curves and draws the eye away from areas you would like to de-emphasize. Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds®️… the time it takes to slip on a Miraclesuit®️
The sleek modern look that slims your body like no other swimsuit can!

O'Neill |Swimming Rash Guards


The O’Neill brand started life in 1952 when the founder, Jack O’Neill began designing and producing the world’s first neoprene wetsuits out of the world’s first surf shop - a humble garage off the Great Highway, San Francisco. Word of Jack’s craftsmanship in both shaping boards and designing wetsuits soon spread with surfers from all over the world keen to get their hands on his designs in order to be able to surf better, for longer. Before long Jack’s satisfied customers included windsurfers, divers, water skiers and snow skiers.
Pool Accessories | Towels, Sunglasses, Hats, Bags, Skincare, Haircare and more | Shop All

Other Accessories

Fluffy Beach Towels, Sunglasses, Hats, Bags, Skincare and Haircare for frequent pool users, and Beach and Pool Toys that complement your outdoor lifestyle!
Pelagos |Kids Thermal Swimwear


Pelagos thermal swimsuits for kids are made from quality neoprene material to give warmth and reduce wind-chill for little children who spend time in the swimming pool. Durable and sun-protective as well.

Sunnylife Pool Ring In Bloom- Clear S1LPONIB

Pool Accessories Sale

Who doesn't love a sale? These summer favourites are waiting to be snatched up and taken hom with you. Summer gifting on a budget is now sorted! Now grab it before it's gone, with up to 50% off these summer favourites they won't be around for long!
Sunnylife Deck Chair Dolce Classic S0ADECDV

Pool Accessories Sale 2022

Who doesn't love a sale? These summer favourites are waiting to be snatched up and taken hom with you. Summer gifting on a budget is now sorted! Now grab it before it's gone, with up to 50% off these summer favourites they won't be around for long!

Pool Rings

Pool Rings

Pool rings in various size and shapes for all-day fun in the pool and by the beach.
Pout Care | Skin and Hair products for swim

Pout Care

Haircare products that are made from organic products for little people who love to spend time in the pool and outdoors! They are designed specifically for children's hair and skin needs.
This item can ONLY be shipped locally; it CANNOT BE shipped internationally.
Sale Shop All

Sale Shop All

Savana | Kids Poncho Towels


Made to unleash your kid’s imagination, these lightweight hooded poncho towels are the perfect item for toddlers at the beach and pool! Designed in Singapore and handcrafted by artisans.
Skin & Body Care

Skin & Body Care

Shop for Sunscreen, Body and Hair care for the swimmer and outdoor lover. Also in a variety of formulations for your selection.



This item can ONLY be shipped locally; it CANNOT BE shipped internationally.

Snapper Rock | Kids Sun Protective Swimwear

Snapper Rock

Snapper Rock began in 2003 when the founders moved from New Zealand to one of America’s great sailing capitals - Annapolis, and saw the need for fun, fresh and functional, protective gear for kids on the water. Snapper Rock was launched for the junior sailing market, and it didn't take long before we expanded our sun protection range for children 0-16 years.

This brand makes a difference in sun protection for children with their fresh and fun classics in sun protection swimwear! Find coordinating rashguards, boardshorts, swimmers and hats for babies up to teenagers in this brand.

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Gear

Fins, masks, snorkels and other accessories that will make your next snorkelling trip an exceptional one!
Stingray | Sun Protective Clothing and Accessories


Stingray has been researching, designing, testing and manufacturing UV protection active wear since 1986 and is one of the leaders in this field in Australia and the rest of the world. You can expect a high quality of sun protective clothing and accessories from this brand!



UV-rated high-quality Sunglasses for children's outdoor activities.
SUNNYLiFE | Pool floats and pool toys for the Summer


Get a taste of the Australian summer style with the products from Sunnylife! Their vast seasonal collection includes giant floats, pool-side accessories, beach and picnic products that ensure your outdoor experience is just sunny side up!

Sunnylife Giant Jumbling Tower Smiley S3WGTWSM

Sunnylife Premium Gift Collection

Celebrate heartfelt moments with our curated collection of unique premium gifts for someone special today!
Sunnylife Bubba Float Friend Smiley S2LBABSM


Keep an eye out for the latest SUNNYLiFE styles as there are fresh new collaboration products about to land!

To Celebrate 50 years of defiant optimism, Smiley reminds us to TAKE THE TIME TO SMILE. This collection is a curated limited-edition collaboration product range featuring original artwork of an iconic graffiti artist André Saraiva.

Available from 14 April 2022 (Thu) in Singapore ONLINE and in our stores!
Look out and SMILE, IT'S SUMMER

Swans | Swim Goggles, Kickboards, Towels


Enjoy the quality that a Made in Japan product boasts. This Japanese brand is a specialist in lenses from swim goggles, sunglasses to snow goggles. They have refined lenses to suit the needs of users from children to adults, leisure users to professionals.
Swim Cap

Swim Cap

Wide variety of designs of Swim Caps for kids and adults - for swimming and competition.
Swim Trainer Floats

Swim Trainers

Shop for wide varieties of swim trainer floats from swim arm bands, swim ring, back floats, life vest to start your swimming journey.


Kickboards, swim caps, goggles, pool toys and many more! Many items that you need to enjoy your time out at the pool, and improve your swimming skills.
Swimways | Pool Toys


Swimways promises to take fun to the next level! Designed for water lovers, by water lovers. Pool is where you and your family, friends and pets can splash, relax and be together.
Tom & Teddy | Father and Son Matching Swimwear

Tom & Teddy

Designed for big days under perfect skies, the Tom & Teddy shorts are perfect for a day filled with action by the beach! Their super-soft, super-stylish shorts will bring on a smile on every big boy and small boy's faces as dads and sons swim, play and relax in the sun.

Tommy Bahama | Ladies Swimwear and Resort Wear

Tommy Bahama

The Tommy Bahama swimsuit takes you to a place where you can live spontaneously and relax in style! We love their prints, comfortable styles which work wonders in the active or relaxed scenes. Check out their active swim bra tops, rashguards, leggings and coordinates that take you from water to land.

Swim Towels


Wide variety of stylish and quick-dry towels, fluffy beach towels for swimming.
Waboba | Pool Balls


These balls bounce on water! Waboba balls create an excuse for you, your family and friends to spend time outdoors. Keep life fun and embrace your inner child. Check out #WabobaTricks for inspirations for hours of good pure fun.



Wallaroo Hats | Sun Hats for Men, Women and Kids

Wallaroo Hats

The Wallaroo Sun Protection Hats are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for its serious attitude towards protecting the users from sun exposure and cancer. Look inside the hat and you'll also find that they are passionate about quality craftsmanship and functional, fashionable designs. So much that's good about these hats!

Watercolors | Kids Swimwear and Pool Accessories


Founded in 2000, Watercolors mission is to bring delight to every child. It underlines the mission to be the preferred swimwear and swimming accessories for babies and kids.
Women Cross Over Swimwear | Wear in Water and on Land

Women Active Swimwear

Find Swimsuits, Leggings, Rash Guards and Coverups that work across pool, sea, land and gym. Designed to be quick-dry, UPF 50+ and versatile, these garments work across different activities to suit the active lifestyle of the modern lady!
Women Bikini Separates

Women Bikini Separates

Women's Bikini Separates from bikini bra tops to bikini pants. Suitable for sports, leisure and resort. Top and bottoms are sold separately.
Women Bikini | Clearance Sale

Women Bikini Separates Sale

Women One Piece Swimsuit

Women One Piece

Women's One Piece Swimsuits in classic to fashion-forward styles. For leisure, fitness and competition.
Women Rash Guard, Rashguard for Women

Women Rash Guard

Women's Rash Tops, Rash Guards for sun protection, aquatic sports and pool use.
Women Resort Wear

Women Resortwear

Dresses, kaftans, sarongs and other light-weight or functional items that complement your swimsuits or are versatile enough for daily wear.
Cabana Life Cabana Shift Dress 495-CO21- Coastal Cottage

Women Resortwear Sale

Women Swimwear | Clearance Sale

Women Sale

Women Sale One Piece

Women Sale One Piece

Women Sale Rash Guards

Women Sale Rash Guards

Women Sale Shorts

Women Sale Shorts

Women Swimwear Shop All

Women Shop All

Swimsuits, Tankinis, Bikinis and everything else in between! For women who love looking good, and love being outdoors by the pool. Find your itsy bitsy bikini to the favourite rashguard and active swimwear here.
Women Surfsuit

Women Surfsuit

Women's sporty surf suits that protect the shoulders whilst enjoying aquatic sports.
Women Swimwear

Women Swimwear

Women Tankini

Women Tankini

Tankinis are perfect additions to your swimwear wardrobe as they have a little more tummy coverage and gives you the ease of combining with shorts, leggings or bikini bottoms.
Tommy Bahama Reversible Halter Long Tankini TSW90304T - Palm Party

Women Tankini Sale

Women's Active Bottoms

Women's Active Bottoms

Women's Active Tops

Women's Active Tops

Zoggs | Pool Accessories


Born in Australia the home of swimming, in 1992, and with roots still firmly embedded here, Zoggs is now swimming around the world. An innovative range of market leading swim goggles remain at the heart of the Zoggs brand and it has remained focused on that heritage as it has grown into a full service swim brand.